This week we're featuring a League of Explorers Control Warrior with cards like Arch-Thief Rafaam and Iron Juggernaut. It's certainly a departure from what you'd normally expect, so make sure to read up on their reasoning before heading on over to the deck guide for more information on substitutions and individual matchups.

Control Warrior featuring many of the Legendaries from League of Explorers

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You're looking for early removal like Fiery War Axe, or King's Defender, Slam and Bash or low cost minions like Armorsmith, Acolyte of Pain and Cruel Taskmaster. Consider keeping Death's Bite, particularly if you're facing a Warlock or Paladin (the deathrattle is too good to pass up against their tokens). Throw back Brann (he's better as a combo on turn 7 or 9) or anything over 5 mana.

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The idea is to last well into the late game so that the large number of big minions can come into play. This deck has a lot of the traditional control warrior cards but with a few substitutions to facilitiate the LOE legendaries. Reno Jackson gives Control Warrior even more lastability and Brann works well with several standard control warrior cards. Some concessions have been made towards Reno so, while this is not quite a one-of deck, certain substitutions such as King's Defender instead of a second Fiery War Axe have been made to make it easier to enable him. I added Iron Juggernaut because Reno makes it much more likely to trigger and, combined with Brann, it can add two mines to the opponent's deck, which is a lot of damage.

Tomb Spider can often draw into a Fierce Monkey making it two cards for one and can combo with Brann for two draws. Other cards that combo well with Brann, besides Iron Juggernaut are Shieldmaiden, Dr. Boom and Arch-Thief Rafaam. Brann is often removed the turn he's played so it's best to wait until you can combo him with one of the above before you play him.

Rafaam can often be a win condition. The best card from Rafaam is usually Lantern of Power. Other big bursts include Grommash Hellscream triggered from a Death's Bite deathrattle or from Cruel Taskmaster or Slam.

Elise is potentially viable given the long games but I it was still rare to get the Golden Monkey and, even then, it didn't make much difference to the game (there are a lot of legendaries already!). Substitue Elise for the Tomb Spider if you like.

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