Warriors can aspire to more, but Patches remains.

Hearthstone's Ranked Ladder is currently full of aggressive decks, Renolock, and Miracle Rogue. Many are tired of Patches the Pirate and the pure aggro that Pirate Warrior and Aggro Shaman bring to the table so for today's Deck Spotlight we thought it appropriate to offer something a little different: Dragon Warrior. This guide by Edge made it into the Top 200 Legend and allowed them to quickly ascend the ladder. It still runs Patches but is an entirely different experience as it can actually carry itself through the midgame.

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Hello! My name is Edge and I started playing Hearthstone competitively back in October. I had played on and off since Nax, climbing when Undertaker was popular (up to rank 2 before I got bored and went back to Magic) and before Hearthstone played Magic competitively for 5-6 years. I hit legend in October using Midrange Shaman/Secret Hunter, and this month I hit legend in 8 days using almost exclusively Warrior. Pirate Warrior up until about rank 6 (with some Jade Druid, Aggro Shaman and Miracle Rogue mixed in here and there), but the real reason you are here, I used Dragon Warrior from ranks 6-1 with a record of 47-17 (73% win rate), and have hit top 200 legend with a record in legend of 8-2 so far.


In the full guide, Edge runs down all of the major talking points including card selection, mulligans, and matchups with all of the most popular archetype at the moment.

Over the last week, we've been working to contact competitive players and guide writers to get high-quality guides on our site for your viewing pleasure. Thankfully many have agreed to let us mirror them on our site including today's Deck Spotlight. If you've missed any, here they are: