Priest is easily the strongest archetype for the dragon race given Wyrmrest Agent and Twilight Whelp, but other classes have tried adapting it to their strengths. This week we take a look at Kooscar's Fun Easy Win Dragon Warrior which goes all in on the dragon synergy!

This deck has ~ 70% win rate, play tested 30+ games in the current meta (Feb'16, sub rank 10) by my friend and I.

Unlike traditional dragon decks, I increased greatly on the taunts and amount of dragons (10 dragons!) so that you will never lack synergy and always have fun throwing down a dragon!

Key features:This deck is about playing on curve and board control.

Early game: turn 1-5
- Use your weapons, spells and effects like Blackwing Corruptor to trade minions efficiently
- Usually go face with your minions and use weapons and spells to remove enemy minions
- Try to guess a turn ahead and see if it's worth trading minion or not, think about your opponent's class and what kind of potential removal spells they might have

Mid to late game: turn 4-10
- Keep playing minions on curve and shield up if you are facing aggro, by this time they are about to lose steam so make sure you are not within their burn range
- Start to think about which legendary you want to use to lure out their removals and silences, and which ones you want to set up as your win condition

Some key Brann moments
- turn 7 Brann and Twilight (either) or turn 8 Brann and Corruptor, etc. are sometimes worth saving for
- or 5 mana Brann and 4/3 charge champion is pretty good too
- REMEMBER, if your Brann is still alive, turn 10 Cruel + Grommish gives you 14 damage!!! I won when I remembered or missed lethal couple times because I forgot about this......

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