We're big fans of taking something that has become mainstream and throwing your own twist into it. Even if it may not be the most competitive deck in all of Hearthstone, this Burn Shaman is interesting in that it has just a few main threat aside from all the spell damage: Tunnel Trogg, Unbound Elemental, and Doomhammer. It may seem like your usual Aggro Shaman at first glance, but only about 50% of it is like any other deck created on Hearthhead. Just don't forget to go face.

Burn shaman is a spell-focused deck that takes not only skill but nerves of steel to pilot. Why? Cause every move you make now matters more than ever. You need to end the game fast, or else you'll run out of steam. (And yes, this deck has enough power to deal with priests, warriors and decks with Antique Healbots. So don't worry about it and burning the ever living shit out of them.)

There are limited control cards like forked lightning, lightning storm and elemental destruction (that one it hits your own creatures so be careful with that) to relieve early game pressure.

You have two main viable strats with this deck:
  • Save up your spells quietly and in one turn BLAST YOUR FOE INTO OBLIVION.
While you're waiting, you're gonna need to at least wait out the first few turns until you have a veritable amount of burn, so why not hit the opponent with a weapon a little, or cycle a little before you do?

Cards to consider swapping in:
  • Windfury -> Healing Wave if there's a lot of aggro. Just be aware that this card will usually just heal for 7 because of your low cost minions
  • Loot Hoarder -> Bloodmage Thalnos/Kobold Geomancer for the spellpower
  • A Charged Hammer. Once activated, this turns your hero power into something substantially more useful.
30/1/2016 - Swapped 2x Hexes, 2x Shades of Naxxramasses, and 2x Mana Tide Totems for 2xTunnel Trogg, 2xUnbound Elemental, and 2xGnomish Experimenter.
Reason: Unbound Elementals and Tunnel Troggs synergize wonderfully and can give you an alternative win con. Gnomish Experimenter is there to cycle through your deck, and it can actually deal damage unlike mana tide totem. Mana Tide Totem usually doesn't draw you more than 1 card anyway.

*Warning: Not for the faint of heart. If you're orc enough to do this, start turn 4-5

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