December 2015 Cardback Issue

Jan 04, 2016

Last Updated: Jan 04, 2016
Ranked rewards are being distributed with the end of December Season 2015 and some users are noticing that the Thrall card back isn't being rewarded but Thunder Bluff is instead. This was first introduced with the last patch, which is why our Seasons Database also displays this information, but shortly after discovery Blizzard commented saying it would be fixed by the time 2015 concluded. Despite that, some users appear to be receiving Thunder Bluff and are able to use it in the game. This raises a slew of questions including as to whether or not those users miss out on the real card back and what happens when February rolls around. Fortunately, this situation is actually nonexistant with the errant card back being a simple visual bug that will fix itself given time.
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You do have the correct card back, this is just a display issue.

Sorry for the confusion over this, it should be resolved, just it may take some time to display correctly for everyone.

This all falls under it being a display error, you may be able to use it but it's still just displaying the wrong information to you. Server-side, you have the correct card back, it's just not showing that to you right now.

However this should be resolved, and is just taking some time to correct for everyone.

We apologise for the confusion this has caused.