This new three mana minion will give you a free trade on curve.

The Immune keyword is used very sparingly in Hearthstone. As of Journey to Un'Goro, only six cards contain the mechanic - Bestial WrathStablemasterGladiator's LongbowViolet IllusionistMal'Ganis, and the most popular of them all, Ice Block. Knights of the Frozen Throne is already set to add one more in Rogue's Shadowblade, but today a new Neutral is joining the group: Deathspeaker.

The only cards with Immune that have seen play so far have been the ones that can reliably be taken advantage of - those that make your hero invincible. The ones that focus on making a minion unkillable have both been Hunter cards that require Beasts, something that the class as a whole hasn't been pursuing too much. As a result, we really haven't seen Immune minions consistently at any point in Hearthstone's history.

Unlike those, we're hopeful for Deathspeaker because its effect can be played on any minion aside from itself. In the best case scenario, you get to eliminate a 2-Cost 3/2 off of your opponent's board for free. In the worst, you simply hang on to it to get value later in the game.

Best of all the stats aren't too terrible for the cost and it's flexible enough to be good at any point in the game as long as you have some kind of board presence.

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Revealed by Brazilian Streamer Comarox.


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