Hearthstone will soon guarantee one legendary in you first ten packs of a new set.

The biggest part of Hearthstone's upcoming pack changes is the fact that you'll no longer be able to get duplicate legendaries until you own one copy of each from the set you're purchasing packs for. But there's another smaller factor that people have been asking about as well. The announcement reads, "Beginning with the release of the next expansion, you’re also guaranteed to get a Legendary within your first 10 packs of a new set." Many have been wondering exactly how this will work. If you've purchased less than ten packs, are you still eligible for the brand new legendary? Late last night, Community Manager Daxxarri confirmed how the system will handle users like this.


If you've opened any packs of a set before the change goes live, you won't receive a Legendary in your first 10 packs.

[Ed note: While Daxxari says "receive" here, he really means you aren't "guaranteed" a Legendary]

However, you will get that legendary for any new sets that come out, and for any sets that you never acquired any packs for.


For example, new players who have opened a single pack of Whispers of the Old Gods will not be guaranteed to open a Legendary in the first ten packs once the update goes into effect.

It's unfortunate news, particularly for users who are new to Hearthstone and have potentially been not purchasing anything since the announcement nearly a month ago in hopes that they would still be able to get a new legendary.

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