Just like adventures, Frozen Throne's single-player content will release over time.

With Thursday's announcement of Knights of the Frozen Throne, Blizzard has suddenly found itself bombarded with question after question about the upcoming set. What will the single-player content be like? How are rewards going to be given out? How will these new cards interact with old cards? They go on and on seemingly forever.

Luckily, a few have been answered by various members of the development team including Game Designer Dave Kosak, Community Manager Keganbe, and Game Director Ben Brode.

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While in Shanghai, Game Designer Dave Kosak sat down with Eloise from Tempo Storm to talk about the upcoming Knights of the Frozen Crown. In total it's about 30 minutes long so we've gone ahead and made some bullet points.

  • The Lich King will be Arthas, not Bolvar.

  • Each of the new Hero Cards will have a different mana cost, but all have a Battlecry, a new hero power, and will reward you with some armor.

  • As previously announced, beating the Prologue will earn you a random legendary Hero Card.

  • Each wing will reward you with one Frozen Throne pack.

  • Beating the Lich King with all 9 classes will earn you a special reward.

  • Despite being one of the major highlights of the new set, there aren't a ton of cards with Lifesteal, but there are some in classes that don't normally have a ton of healing.

  • Deathrattle is indeed one of the major mechanics of this set, but there won't be as abundant as it was in Naxxramas.

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Back to TopWill the mission content be rolling out gradually like it did for adventures?

Dave Kosak: Yes, so at release you’ll be able to play the prologue, which will give you the legendary Hero card, as well as the first wing, which is three bosses, and a week later the second wing will roll out, so three more bosses, and a week after that you’ll get to challenge the Lich King.

Back to TopWill there be Class Challenges?

Dave Kosak: No class challenges this time around… we’re scaling up the mission team, and actually it gives us a lot of freedom going forward because we’re saying “what would be the coolest kind of solo content that would expand on this 135 cards?” And so we have big big plans for the future. This time around it’s a really straightforward boss encounter that players are going to be familiar with, but we’re going to mix it up. It’s going to be pretty exciting.

Back to TopDon't Worry About Duplicate Hero Cards

CM Daxxari: Not to worry. Non-pack rewards, such as those offered from the Welcome Bundle, Arena, or Heroic Tavern Brawl will follow the same duplication rules that will apply to opening card packs. The same will be true for the upcoming Prologue reward.

You won't need to obtain them in a specific order to avoid getting a duplicate Legendary."

Back to TopHow is Hallazeal Effected by the Lifesteal Change?

CM Keganbe: We actually just discussed this. If we changed Hallazeal to say "Your spells have Lifesteal", it would not stack if you have two Hallazeal on the board. We're currently planning on leaving the text as-is, so if you happen to have two Hallazeal on the board, you will reap the benefits of his ability triggering twice.

Back to TopWill Zombeasts with Deathrattles be Resummoned by N'Zoth?

CM Keganbe: If Build-a-Beast creates a Zombeast with a Deathrattle effect, the Zombeast will be resummoned with N'Zoth's ability.

Back to TopHow Hard is the New Single-Player Content in Frozen Thrones?

Ben Brode: Depends on the mission. Should be more of a challenge than old normal.

As hard as Heroic?

Ben Brode: Not for most of the fights.