The Frostwyrm Wing recently hit the EU servers and it's coming out very soon for NA. This means, of course, we have some preliminary strategies for you to take with you down the hardest wing so far of Naxxramas. Remember that the Paladin challenge unlocked tonight as well!

Looking for more information? We also have our general Curse of Naxxramas guide for you to check out! Good luck in Naxxramas tonight!

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Against Sapphiron, you can't really play minions because of his hero power Frost Breath--if you do play minions, you just have to be clever about it.

The fight itself is fairly simple: he has mostly weak cards and he will play a few each turn along with using his hero power. There are a few creative ways you can go into beating him.

The first--and most recommended way--is to play Warrior. Warrior works excellently here because they have weapons, removal, and charge cards. Being able to charge means you can play the minion, even if it will get destroyed on the next turn. Cards like Kor'kron Elite along with Raging Worgen comboed with Charge and Inner Rage can make short work of him. Leeroy Jenkins and other cards that have charge are also valuable. Warrior also works because of cards like Cleave for removal and board control plus its weapons such as Arcanite Reaper.

It would also be possible to play Hunter as they have cards such as King Krush and other charge granting cards. Unfortunately Hunter has less weapons, making it less viable.
His DeckRewards
For defeating Sapphiron, you will get two Echoing Ooze cards.

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Kel'Thuzad isn't that hard of a fight even though he initially looks intimidating due to his hero power's strength. Because he constantly plays Zombie Chows, you're able to heal back up the damage from his hero power, Frost Blast. He's a rush fight, pure and simple--the damage he unleashes is too much in the early game to be anything else.

Once he loses his starting armor, the fight becomes different; his hero power changes from Frost Blast to Chains so he's no longer attacking you to the face. Because it costs eight mana to use his new hero power which is essentially Mind Control if you can rush him down you can get significant damage before he even has a chance to use it.

The best deck to use against Kel'Thuzad is a zoo deck that burn through his armor while also not giving him giant cards to use his hero power on. Upon breaking his armor and switching to phase two of the encounter, he will summon two Guardian of Icecrown cards to deal with.

Be aware that he will cast Twisting Nether if he has it, meaning you can either rush and hope he never draws it--or try to play around it by rarely overwhelming the board. He also has AoE removals such as Blizzard and Cone of Cold to help stall out the game until he can perform his board clear. We found that rushing worked well, but ultimately was luck dependent; if he drew either one of his Twisting Nether cards, it could prove devastating and game throwing.
His DeckRewards
For defeating Kel'Thuzad, you will get two Shade of Naxxramas cards and Kel'Thuzad.