The Construct Quarter recently hit the EU servers and it's coming out very soon for NA. This means, of course, we have some preliminary strategies for you to take with you down the hardest wing so far of Naxxramas. Remember that both the Priest challenge and Warrior challenge unlocked tonight as well!

Looking for more information? We also have our general Curse of Naxxramas guide for you to check out! Good luck in Naxxramas tonight!

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Patchwerk is a fight that does its best to emulate the World of Warcraft encounter as a tank fight that's also a DPS check. In other words, bring your taunt cards and get ready to rush him back--or freeze him into submission while you kill him. Either way works!

Patchwerk has no cards of his own. All he'll do each turn is swing to the face using Hook and use his hero power when he can ( Hateful Strike). Due to his weapon's mana cost of 3 and his hero power's cost of 4, it's actually valuable to use an Acidic Swamp Ooze solely to make him have to re-equip his weapon and spend the 3 mana on it. This will give you a small window on turn 4 where he has to equip it and can't also remove a creature for free.
You'll want to either stall him out by freezing him or rush him. Mage and Warlock are your two best options here. A modified Mage deck can do wonders, playing an altered freeze Mage loaded with Ice Lance and Frostbolt is amazing and so are cards like Water Elemental. Regardless of the deck you choose, it's advisable to take Defender of Argus followed by low value creatures. Be aware that his hero power makes it so playing one card is worthless; you want to overload him with lots of low creatures, get a few taunters out to stop him from simply facerolling to victory, and then destroy him.

For defeating Patchwerk, you will get two Undertaker cards.

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Grobbulus is a fight that's a lot easier on normal. On heroic, his hero power Poison Cloud amps up: it costs zero mana instead of two, it only damages enemies, and it does an extra point of damage.

The strategy here is go big or go home. Handlock, Priest, or even Druid could work here. Priest worked particularly well as Holy Nova could help clear the board and also heal up stronger minions damaged by his power. At any rate, playing large creatures that aren't going to be terribly affected by his poison cloud and vying for board control is the best route here; if you don't have enough of those creatures, you can theoretically go freeze Mage as you can with most encounters.

Grobbulus has a few cool combos which are very hard to beat on heroic mode. Mutating Injection coupled with Echoing Ooze is his bread and butter, he'll do it at least once in every fight.
His DeckRewards
For defeating Grobbulus, you will get two Mad Scientist cards.

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The only thing you really need to know about Gluth is that his weapon, Jaws, is ridiculous--especially when on heroic mode where it goes from being one damage to three. Like other encounters decided by the enemy's weapons, packing two Acidic Swamp Ooze and Harrison Jones are extremely helpful for both normal and heroic.

On heroic mode, in addition to a more powerful weapon, he also starts with a Zombie Chow and Unstable Ghoul on the board, giving him an amazing start and fast tempo.

With Gluth, you will take over thirty damage in heroic mode. He will rush you to the face and you'll barely hang in there initially. Luckily he drops Zombie Chow cards periodically throughout the match and it's up to you to use them strategically to survive. Unfortunately, that death rattle which helps you can also help him if he has his weapon out--since it gains +attack if a card dies with a death rattle--so make sure to use them utterly perfectly or else that zombie dog will pack quite a bite.

In heroic mode, his hero power only affects your minions: Decimate. Since he'll cast it freely, you want to just already run low health cards whose value is in other properties. Paladin can be amazing because divine shields will give extra durability; Equality can help you use his frequent Ghouls and Abominations against him; and their hero power is an excellent free warrior. Cards like Scarlet Crusader and Ironbeak Owl will help any deck, the silence especially so you can silence a death rattle in a moment of need to prevent Jaws from getting more powerful.
His DeckRewards
For defeating Gluth, you will get two Zombie Chow cards.

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Thaddius starts heroic mode out with Stalagg and Feugen in play. This changes the fight vastly from its normal mode and makes it become incredibly hard. You need to be able to remove at least one of them by the third turn or you'll lose.

Priest and Rogue were the best classes for this fight. A custom deck is also pretty much essential. Priest is particularly strong because of Auchenai Soulpriest and Circle of Healing along with Shadow Word: Death which give you early removal to be able to survive if the odds are in your favor and they end up in your opening hand. On the other hand, Rogue is pretty amazing too: Trump came up with a deck with a lot of removal and Betrayal which proved to easily take out at least one of his minions on turn two. Cards like Patient Assassin also helped make quick work of them.

Regardless of the class, Emperor Cobra and early taunters can be used to survive the early onslaught. In some ways, this is a fight like the Four Horsemen where if you can just manage to take out the initial wave of creatures, it becomes a joke. The only annoying part after downing his two henchmen is dealing with his constant barrage of board clear: Lightning Storm is one of his favorites and he'll use it very liberally. As long as you take easy trades and maintain board control without overwhelming it, you'll have an easy victory if you survive the first few turns.
His DeckRewards
For defeating Thaddius, you will get two Wailing Soul cards and both Feugen and Stalagg.