Curious might be an understatement, Blizzard.

It's always exciting to see new "firsts" for Hearthstone and the latest Journey to Un'Goro card, Curious Glimmerroot is exactly that. 

A Priest Epic, this 3-Cost 3/3 does something incredibly unique. This Battlecry will have you look at three cards with only one of them actually being in your opponent's deck. Hopefully, you're up to date on what cards are considered in the meta because you'll essentially be getting quizzed each time.

Successfully choose the correct card and you'll gain a copy of it for yourself!

Glimmerroot opens up a new realm of possibilities. It's the first time we've ever had the "Look at X cards" mechanic, "guess," and "started in" ever written on a Hearthstone card.

Are you excited? We certainly are!