Stitching together two Hearthstone Beasts can result in some very powerful minions.

Needless to say, Deathstalker Rexxar is an exciting new card. Not only is it an all new card type, but it also transforms your hero and rewards you with a new hero power. Build-a-Beast gives you the ability to stitch together two Beasts. We're not one to wait, however, so today we explored some of the possible outcomes.

There are a few rules that the card follows which have been confirmed by Mike Donais and Ben Brode.

  • Each Beast must cost five or less mana (so the total minion can't cost more than ten).

  • The first Beast will have text on it. The second is either vanilla or has only keywords.

We've mocked up some of the interesting combinations that are possible.

Back to TopVicious Fledgling / King Mukla / Bittertide Hydra + Stonetusk Boar

Giving minions Charge can obviously be a problem. Luckily this shouldn't be all that common with Build-a-Beast. But when you do manage to get it to land you can get some very powerful minions onto the board and have a huge impact right away. Leeroy Jenkins, who?



Back to TopRat Pack + Ironfur Grizzly

While you can certainly make more powerful and more expensive versions of Rat Pack, we found this to be the most competitive. Given the mana cost, Taunt, and the number of Rats it will spawn, this Zombeast looks pretty good.

Back to TopScavaging Hyena + Carrion Grub

The downside of Scavenging Hyena is that it's normally weak on the first turn that you play it so you have to buff it right away though Beasts that were already on the board or through cards like Unleash the Hounds. But combine it with Carrion Grub and it gets significantly meatier. The best part? You can avoid Priest's Shadow Word antics until you're good and ready to buff this Zombeast up.

Back to TopAngry Chicken / Dreadscale + Stegodon

This is one Angry Chicken we wouldn't want to mess with. The problem with the card has always been that it requires spells or other Beast synergies to buff it up. But a 3/7 is nothing to be laughed at, plus it has Enrage. It's almost like Bloodhoof Brave but has a few more stats, a larger Enrage, and costs one more mana.

Dreadscale is a Wild only card and would be better against aggro decks if it wasn't for the fact that it was so vulnerable. Combining it with Stegodon helps give it a larger board presence and makes it a little harder to remove.

Interested in seeing all of the Standard possibilities? A Reddit user has created a spreadsheet that lists every single combination.

What Zombeast are you most excited for?

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