Ever found yourself perplexed as to exactly what you should be doing with extra cards? Maybe you aren't so sure you want all of those goldens sitting in your collection. Or perhaps you just want to know what you should be crafting. Our new Crafting Guide talks you through arcane dust, what crafting and disenchanting are, and how golden cards play into all of this. You have some decisions to make for sure, so let us know if you have any questions.

Crafting is a means of obtaining cards without buying packs. It is currently the only way you can collect cards without relying on random chance from either packs or rewards from various game modes. Cards are crafted with varying amounts of Arcane Dust () depending on their rarity and quality.

Cards fall under various categories that effect whether they can be crafted or not. Those rewarded from Adventures for example must be earned by playing their respective wing. Golden versions of those cards can be crafted at the appropriate price however. Others such as Soulbound cards earned by leveling up your heroes can't be crafted in either form. Then there are promotional cards like Elite Tauren Chieftain and Gelbin Mekkatorque which can only be obtained through crafting.

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