Some stats for Fire Plume's Heart, Jungle Giants, and The Marsh Queen.

We've already taken a look at the highly controversial Rogue quest from Journey to Un'Goro, The Caverns Below, and what the best ways to complete it are. We've also discovered that Unite the Murlocs is much better in Wild than in Standard despite only running one or two different Murlocs. 

All of this information is available thanks to and their new Quest Contributors tabs.

Today we continue with a quick look at the ever popular Fire Plume's Heart which is joined by Druid and Hunter quests that haven't been well received at all.

All of the quest cards on can be found here.

Warrior - Fire Plume's Heart [View Stats]

820,000 games from Rank 5 to Legend in the past 30 days.

What's the best turn to complete your Warrior Quest? Most seem to finish it on Turn 10, which isn't actually too bad. You might have a perception that the earlier you complete it and give yourself Sulfuras the better. While that may be true for some matchups, as a whole, it looks like it's false, at least when it comes to cards that have a median turn completion of nine.


Primordial Drake stands above the rest of the core Taunt Warrior minions in played win rate.


Seven Taunt sporting minions could help you complete your quest earlier, but only one of them, Squirming Tentacle does anything to increase your played win rate and it does so by a minuscule amount.

In fact, if you really want to increase your win rate, the data supports running more expensive minions.

Primordial Drake and Soggoth the Slitherer may be slower, but really help improve those stats. The former, in particular, wins more than 60% of the time when it contributes to your quest's progress.

Druid - Jungle Giants [View Stats]

13,000 games from Rank 5 to Legend in the past 30 days.

Jungle Giants isn't a great card, but there are a ton of minions that you might want to run. The question always is, which ones are worth running?'s new statistics help answer that exact question.

In general, cards that complete the quest earlier than Turn 9 or 10 have a much lower win-rate. Though it is an appealing thought to play high-value minions early on in the game, you'll win more consistently if you take a slower approach and out value your opponent in the late game.


Hunter - The Marsh Queen [View Stats]

10,000 games from Rank 5 to Legend in the past 30 days.

Like the Rogue quest, Fire Fly is the way to go for The Marsh Queen. It has the highest win rate of any card with at least 1% popularity and that makes sense. You don't really want to fill your deck with below average 1-Cost minions that you'll draw into in the late game.

Honestly, it's hard to find good things to say about the Hunter quest with only a 40% win rate, approximately, across all ranks. But narrow it down to the higher ranks and it falls fast. Below Rank 10 it drops into the low 30s and into the high 20s at Rank 5.


What most players seem to consider core to the Quest Hunter deck.


That said, it does increase once you're only considering the players in Legend.

From that, we can discern a counterintuitive card that may actually help you complete your quest: Mistress of Mixtures. Despite this being a Hunter deck, something that means it usually never wants to see any healing, the Mistress helps you stay alive long enough to get those pesky Carnassa's Brood out onto the board.

It turns out the latest meta has been somewhat of a buff as well. Hungry Crab, now a common tech card also meets the quest's requirements.

As of now, these pages are now available on for your perusing. We'll be back with three more classes in the final part of our series with a look at The Last Kaleidosaur. Is it really as bad as everyone says?

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