A Reddit user has the entire sequence on video!

Since the release of Journey to Un'Goro Blizzard has been teasing a secret hidden in the new Un'Goro Crater board. "You missed the volcano going off secret," said Principle Game Designer Mike Donais back when the community was first getting its hands on experience. "The sound team added it so you have to understand a bit about music to find it." Today, a user on Reddit has posted the first ever recording of the volcano exploding!

"I thought I'd play around on the board in solo practice mode to try and get to the bottom of the mystery about the Un'Goro volcano," says Reddit user abouttogetdownvoted. "Mike Donais himself has previously commented on this sub that there is a musical key to the secret of the volcano [so] I used some keystroke shortcuts mapped to mouse locations so I could spam the instruments using my keyboard."

After some time he's finally successful, "[I was] just banging some tunes out, when the volcano erupted!"

"I've managed to replicate this several times, but have no idea what the combination is.... I will keep trying!"

He links the designations used for each of the instruments on the board but thinks it is somehow related to the Un'Goro theme song.

"The notes in that are G A G A E F E D which are almost identical to the available notes on the instruments. I feel like I'm so close...."

We've also included the Un'Goro theme song below.