The Hearthstone community is unique in that it creates so much awesome content. From articles and comics, to jokes and videos. There's just so much that's awesome out there and we want to highlight the best of it from around the web. Thanks to places like the Hearthstone subreddit and YouTube, it's easier than ever to find all of it in one place. But for those who don't check frequently, the best content can be lost in the fray. And while we may have informative videos to help you understand some interactions, such as in the case of Brann Bronzebeard, there's much, much more out there if you know where to look. So we're doing a little experiment to highlight some of the best that we've seen over the past week and gathering it all in one place for you right here.

Back to Top5. Hearthstone, What are the chances? - Gamebox3000

Turn 6 is very important for Midrange Hunters. Savannah Highmane is one of the best six drops in the game, largely because of how sticky it is and the fact that it has a high attack and decent health. Though very few players actually run Tundra Rhino, there are plenty out there as a result of Webspinner and the like. It's a large part of any Hunter's dream to be able to give such a large minion charge on the turn it's summoned. Gamebox3000 here is hoping for exactly that when his opponent let's off a barrage of pings from some spells and Flamewaker. Check out the results. Before you ask, someone did the math: 0.195%? chance of that happening.

Back to Top4. (Hearthstone) Emperor Thaurissan as Neo from The Matrix - Brian Kibler

Another test of agility, this time Emperor Thaurissan himself is the one dodging the pings. Brian Kibler does some editing to add some extra lightheartedness to the interaction. Someone should really take Flamewaker to the shooting range.

Back to Top3. Hearthstone: Not Even Mad (Constructed Highlight) - Savjz

Aggro Druid has been on the rise lately, but what Savjz encountered the other day was nothing short of fantastic. Four turns in and his Warlock is swiftly taken down by the opponent. Just goes to show how much better Darnassus Aspirant can be than Wild Growth.

Back to Top2. Hearthstone Unearthed Raptor before fix - Nicholas Anson

Unbeknownst to many players, Unearthed Raptor was hotfixed over the weekend. We covered the situation in depth, explaining how it can crash your client and cause issues for players on both sides of the board. Unfortunately, there are still issues with the card as it can be manipulated to skip turns and such similar to how Nozdormu was able to be abused. This video comes from before the patch on Saturday where crazy shenanigans like this were possible if it didn't just straight up crash your client. It's a long, long video, so feel free to skip to just before the 33 minute mark, where the turn finally starts to come to an end.

Back to Top1. Mysterious Challenger Drops the Beat - Gloudas

What do get when you mix Mysterious Challenger and videos of the most famous members of the Hearthstone community? Well aside from a song that you might actually like, it's also pretty darn funny. Just watch it, you won't regret it.