This week in Hearthstone we learn a little something.

Today we get a bit educational with DisguisedToast, hear the Hearthstone theme song for real, and learn that sometimes a loss is just fate. Plus, the latest from The Angry Chicken in this week's Community Highlights.


Warning, there may be some explicit language in the following clips.

Back to TopToast Teaches Us About the Djinni

Apparently the code of Potion of Madness gives the minion Charge and therefore Toast has lethal.

Back to TopToast Misses Lethal

The play here may be obvious, but it isn't the correct one. Toast talks us through how he could have actually won.

Back to TopKibler Tries and Fails

Sometimes it doesn't matter what kind of start you have.

Back to TopHearthstone Theme

You're going to want to give this one a listen. It's really interesting, at least for those of us that aren't musically inclined, to see how the song comes together.


Back to TopThe Angry Chicken


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