communityhighlights6.pngIt's been a good while since our last installment of Community Highlights, but there's a lot of content we'd like to highlight and this is the best way of presenting a good chunk of that all in one post! This week we have some new info about Blizzard's decision to add formats to Hearthstone, some really cool Lord Jaraxxus art, Hearthstone themed parody songs from Instalok, and some more custom animations from Fullas Games.

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Phil Kollar of Polygon was one of the few press members able to attend Blizzard's community gathering last Fall where the development team first revealed plans to overhaul Hearthstone with formats. In his lengthy article we learn a few important things:
  • Blizzard is now aiming to release two expansions, separated by one adventure, per year.
  • Reaffirmation that many Druid cards are being looked at.
  • So are Knife Juggler and Leper Gnome since they inhibit the release of aggressive cards.
  • Brode feels like the team has failed if we have another year of Handlock. They really don't like the idea of the Core set keeping certain deck types around forever.
  • The controversial name "Wild" was a result of Brian Kibler saying "Legacy" didn't feel like World of Warcraft enough.
  • Retired adventures may be available for limited periods in the future.

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Lead Designer Ben Brode:
"Hearthstone has to be gaining new players forever," Brode says. "If we ever stop gaining new players, we'll die."
"Seeing another year of the handlock, for example, being a tier one deck would probably be bad for Hearthstone."
Senior Designer Mike Donais:
"It's not what we've done so far, but maybe that's the right thing for the future," Donais says. "We haven't decided whether adventures should be as common as expansions or not. Maybe the rate of 1-to-1 is not right."


Looking good Lord Jaraxxus! This art from Reddit user Pemaktitkis was developed in Zbrush, a digital sculpting tool.

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Instalok, famous for their League of Legends parody songs has turned its eye towards Hearthstone. Even if it isn't in the form of a full fledged song, this is full of great moments and catchy tunes. Check it out!

Back to TopEpic Animated Legendaries - Hearthstone - Ep. 47 (Beyond Sargeras)

One of the coolest things about the Fullas Games duo is their videos function as lore entries, custom cards, and really awesome animations. If you're fond of any one of those things, there's something here for you! This entry of Epic Animated Legendaries focuses on Sargeras, the Fallen Titan and leader of the Burning Legion.