communityhighlights8.pngSince last week's Community Highlights was a bit more serious, we're toning things down a bit with a cool look at some of World of Warcraft's Old Gods in Hearthstone and some mobile wallpapers you can use to hype yourself up for the new format changes and expansion!

Credit again goes to Fullas Games for continuing to not only help inform those who may not be familiar with WoW's lore, but also adapting them into cards. Particularly interesting is one of his versions of C'Thun which has an identical effect as Summoning Stone, but was created prior to the League of Explorers' release.

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We've seen a few requests for Hearthstone related mobile wallpapers and have made a few quick ones from the new format's key art released by Blizzard. Make sure to click on "Original" in the bottom right corner of the selected art to get the maximum resolution image.

'hearthstone-mobile-wallpaper-faerie 'hearthstone-mobile-wallpaper-innkeeper 'hearthstone-mobile-wallpaper-kraken

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World of Warcraft's Old Gods are pretty infamous, and we'd imagine that one day they'll be making their way into Hearthstone. And while that may still be a long time away, Fullas Games has taken the time to animate Y'shaarj, the god of fear and despair. We've also included some of the older episodes created by the duo including Yogg-Saron and C'Thun.