Ben Brode pictures are always appreciated.

This week's Community Highlights is a little short due to the fact that we just made a dedicated post about Dirty Rat which you can check out here. There's plenty of awesome clips there as well! We're taking a look at Ben Brode and Kripp here today.

Ben Brode Pictures

Ben Brode, now Game Director for Hearthstone, released new images of himself ahead of his announcement. Feel free to put them to good use.




How Good Is Kripp's Disenchant Button?

Pretty good it turns out. According to Brode, there was actually a time where Kripp's collection actually threatened all of Hearthstone!

There was a point in time (pre-TGT?) when, if he had hit the button, he would have brought down Hearthstone.

Thanks to the hard work of our engineers, we are probably ok now.

fingers crossed


Kripp Gets OTK'd

Sometimes Inner Fire Priest works, sometimes it steals your own Doomsayer and OTKs you with it.

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