Brian Kibler, Dane, Firebat, and Hafu have highlights in this week's post.

In this installment of Community Highlights, Brian Kibler gazes into his crystal ball, Evolve saves the day, and Firebat remembers card interactions a little too late. Plus, the latest from The Angry Chicken and Well Met! Podcasts.


Warning, there may be some explicit language in the following clips.

Back to TopKibler Scares Himself

Brian Kibler nails more than a few predictions in this match.

Back to TopDane Gets A Fantastic Evolve

Sometimes you just win the lottery.

Back to TopFirebat Almost BMs Himself Out of the Game

Remember your card interactions folks.

Back to TopHafu Runs Into A Constructed Combo in the Arena

It's not every day that you see both of these cards together.



Back to TopThe Angry Chicken

Back to TopWell Met!

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