Community Highlights is Hearthheads' weekly roundup of content from the Hearthstone community.

Brian Kibler kicked the week off with a highly detailed video where he discusses Hearthstone setting the tone for the rest of the week. Plus, the latest from The Angry Chicken in this week's Community Highlights.


Back to TopKibler Talks About the State of Hearthstone

Our featured video this week is a forty minute doozy from Brian Kibler which discusses the State of Hearthstone including the ladder, Arena, today's metagame, and weapons/Pirates.


Back to TopAlways Play Around Mortal Coil

Lifecoach decides to play Grimscale Chum for a little board presence, assuming it'll be enough in case his weapon is destroyed, but then Mortal Coil is played.


Back to TopMore Schooling From Toast

DisguisedToast follows up last week's video where he missed lethal with another that analyzes what play gives him the best chance of winning.


Back to TopKripp Predicts His Demise

Sometimes there are very specific conditions under which you will lose. Unfortunately, Kripp readily understands exactly what's about to happen.


Back to TopLooking Back At Hearthstone Through Anime

Though meant to be a Hearthstone version of an anime intro video, KinkyHearthstone, the video's creator also pays tribute to Hearthstone's history.



Back to TopThe Angry Chicken



Well Met!


Community Highlights is Hearthhead’s weekly roundup of content from the Hearthstone community. It primarily focuses on video content including full-fledged videos, guides, highlights, podcasts, and more.