Ben Brode raps about Un'Goro.

When Journey to Un'Goro was announced without a themed jingle to go alongside the trailer, the community started making demands of Hearthstone Game Director Ben Brode. He obliged them.

Ben Brode Spits Fire

There are no words to describe Hearthstone Game Director Ben Brode rapping about Journey to Un'Goro. Just make sure you play the video at 1.5% speed for the best experience.

Savjz Gets In Trouble

Sometimes there are children watching Twitch streams as this father points out to Savjz.


Merps Breaks the Button

70,000 arcane dust is a lot . Merps is finally hitting his after many months and it doesn't exactly go as planned.

Trinity Series Joins the Fun

Ben Brode rapping? Frodan and TJ DJing? What is Hearthstone coming to?



The Angry Chicken


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