We're releasing a special weekend version of Climbing the Ladder thanks in large part to Ephemi who let us publish one heck of a C'Thun Warrior guide on their behalf. It's extremely detailed and even covers their refining process as they climbed the ladder! But we've also got some competitive decklists and a few tournament ones as well should you want to utilize them on the ladder.

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These are decks that are built to succeed on the ladder. Though they may be varying degrees of "in the meta," they're well built enough to give you a solid chance at winning.

Standard OG Dragon Priest
Miracle Rogue (WotOG)

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Though these decks aren't built for ladder, they're still incredibly interesting should you want to try and adapt them for a wider meta pool.

Amaz's NA Spring Preliminary Renovation Renolock
Dog's NA Spring Preliminary Y'Shaarj Ramp Druid
Fr0zen's NA Spring Preliminary Dragon Warrior

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If you're not only looking for a new deck to pilot, but want information on exactly how you should be doing so, we've got a seriously in depth guide that will help you learn how to pilot C'Thun Warrior.

Back to Top Ephemi's Greedy C'Thun Warrior

C'Thun decks have been fading since the release of Whispers of the Old Gods. And while they may not be as popular now that the meta is shaking out, that doesn't mean they aren't good. We've received approval from Ephemi to rehost his entire Greedy C'Thun Warrior guide right here on Hearthhead. There's a lot of information including his process of refining the decklist as he ladders, mulligan advice, and matchup tips for many of the top archetypes out there.
I found my best matchups to be against other Control Warriors, Zoo, and most Priest/Mage archetypes. I performed quite decently against Paladin, Midrange Shaman, Tempo Warrior, and Midrange Hunter, went even against Miracle Rogue, and fared quite poorly against Aggro Shaman, Aggro Warrior, and Ramp Druid. I think the Control C'thun archetype is quite powerful and a lot of fun. The final decklist isn't particularly innovative, and was in fact largely based on Novalicious' List on HearthPwn. What I have to offer in terms of discussion are the various adjustments I have made in terms of card choices and deck style, as I experimented with a great variety of cards and subtypes as I climbed, as well as some insight into the matchups that I made these adjustments to address.

Initially, I was running a deck largely resembling Sjow's early season list which notably includes Blood to Ichor, Slam, Brann Bronzebeard, and Beckoner of Evil, all of which I have excluded from my final list. I initially went 5-16 with this version, dropping from my rank 14 starting point to rank 15/16 (largely due to my initial ineptitude) before I decided to cut all three of those cards, 1 Acolyte, and Elise Starseeker for a much greedier package that included 2x Doomsayer, Harrison Jones, Skeram Cultist, Sylvanas, Baron Geddon, and Ysera. This deck and subsequent revisions netted me a ~73% winrate (78-29) from rank 15 to legend.
That's it for this roundup, but if you find any deck guides you think are worth highlighting, make sure to send them our way!