It's hard to know exactly what's worth playing at the moment. Just a few days ago the ladder was riddled with C'Thun Priests and Deathrattle Rogues, and while the latter has remained, the former has plummeted out of relevency faster than anyone could have predicted. This is especially true today after it was revealed that the class has plummeted to a 46.5% win rate in China, almost a full two percentage points behind the next closest class.

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These are decks that have proven to do extraordinarily well via professional players. Most have either been played in Legend already or have helped climb a significant number of ranks very quickly like Thijs' Reno C'Thijs.

We're very glad to see the return of both Renolock and Handlock now that the meta has started to shake out. It's interesting to note that Molten Giant is completely gone now that it's been nerfed, Amnesiac replaces it with the likes of Ragnaros the Firelord and Faceless Manipulator.

He's also running Nat, the Darkfisher in his Aggro Paladin, yet Amnesiac is the first to admit there's no hard data to back it up. "100% winrate when played," he says in a tweet, "Sample size is irrelevant." Without a huge number of games not even he knows whether or not it's a good inclusion, all he can confirm is that he usually wins when it's played. (Though to be fair, he's probably much better at knowing when that won't backfire on him)

His Shaman decklist is far more mainstream, but it's his Ramp Druid that's apparently doing surprisingly well. "I thought it would be garbage then I went on an 8-0 run with it, just a first draft but definitely some potential there." He continues, "[ Mire Keeper] increases consistency/flexibility, the former always being druid's shortcoming and the latter being why its so powerful."

Thijs' Reno C'Thijs
Crimzig's #1 Legend Zoolock

Amnesiac's Nat, the Darkfisher Aggro Paladin
Amnesiac's Ragnaros Handlock
Amnesiac's May 2016 Ramp Druid
Amnesiac's Midrange Tempo Shaman

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Though these may be competitive enough to win you games on the ladder, they're not the most refined and may have a few weaknesses that can be easily exploited by some of the better decks on the ladder at the moment.

We'd like to specifically focus on Strifecro's Reno Mage which surprisingly runs Anomalus, a card which many believe to be among the worst class legendaries from Whispers of the Old Gods. With only six health it seems relatively fragile and the board clear effect can either be silenced or played around, leaving some calling it too inconsistent for inclusion.

Meanwhile, Hotform has put together a good old Moonfire Miracle Druid which now has the added potential of a Yogg-Saron, Hope's End finisher.

Kolento's Deathrattle Priest
Trump's Renounce Darkness 1.1 Warlock
Strifecro's Reno Mage
Hotform's Miracle Druid

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If you're not only looking for a new deck to pilot, but want information on exactly how you should be doing so, we've got two in depth guides from Flood and Akoran - the former of which reached Top 50 Legend with his Miracle Rogue archetype.

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Having trouble with those pesky C'Thun decks, Deathrattle Paladins and Rogues? Look no further. Flood's Cold Blood Miracle Rogue has a combined 38-3 win rate against those particular archetypes! Unfortunately it nearly flatlines when against Shamans (3-17) so make sure to play this when you aren't running into a ton of those. But make sure to practice, this is a difficult archetype to master and it's going to take you some time to adjust and learn the matchups.
Hey guys, my name is Flood, an early closed beta player with multiple rank 1 peaks and 3 seasonal legend account. I am writing about Cold Blood Miracle Rogue, it’s tech choices it's matchups and it’s mulligan in the new Old Gods meta.

It's a Miracle!

Miracle is back with Old Gods, I will be going over Cold Blood Miracle a list populated by Cold Blood Miracle is a type of Miracle that replies on Cold Blood and sometimes concealing minions with Cold Blood to put together lethal damage. The deck starts by getting early board control with Backstab and Si:7 Agents, then proceeds to develop threats like Azure Drake and Tomb Pillager to fight for board while gaining value from these efficient minions. Ultimately to cycle with Gadgetzan Auctioneer to find damage, have board control or get more minions, to finally win the game by hitting face.

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Pirate Warrior is undoubtedly one of the most popular of its class archetypes out there currently. It's much more straightforward than the previous deck, but nonetheless Akoran does a wonderful job of walking you through mulligans, overall strategy, and potential substitutions!
Warrior uses C'Thun cards to build a board to wear down their opponent while using their spells and weapons to trade their minions favorably to maintain board presence. Lategame, C'Thun warrior by far has the strongest combo in the game with Brann+Vek'Lor, Brann+Ancient Shieldbearer and Ysera -> C'Thun+Dream -> C'Thun. Your aim is to simply use C'Thun as the final tempo swin to clear the opponents board or kill them.

The C'Thun class card Acnient Shieldbearer is what makes this deck worth it (besides the fact that warrior naturally compliments C'Thun beautifully). 10 armor is strong, but with Brann, that becomes 20. 20 ARMOR. That's pretty much Reno Jackson if you consider Reno sometimes have to be dropped at ~15 health to ensure you won´t die. And you have 2 of them! Up to 2 Reno Jacksons without having to lessen your card quality!
That's it for this roundup, but if you find any deck guides you think are worth highlighting, make sure to send them our way!