We've finally reached the point where the new Whispers of the Old Gods meta has started to settle down a bit with Aggro Shaman and Zoolock currently leading the way. However, those aren't the only decks that are competitively viable, especially if you're not among the top tier of players. For everyone else there are a ton of options that are just as likely to pull out some victories and for the most part that's what we're highlighting today. From a Pirate Warrior to a Yogg-Saron Lock and Load Hunter to N'Zoth Patron Warrior (Wild), there are a ton of cool decks to check out and try for yourself.

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These are decks that have proven to do extraordinarily well via professional players. Most have either been played in Legend already or have helped climb a significant number of ranks very quickly. Unfortunately, we don't have detailed guides for these ones, but they can be very useful if you're looking for something that has been proven by the hands of the top players. And while you may think these aren't really "different," you have a fair point, but they're both something that you won't see a ton of on the ladder right now and Malygos in Miracle Rogue is certainly in the minority these days.

Liquid Sjow's Old Gods Tempo Mage
Chessdude's #1 Legend Malygos Rogue

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Though these may be competitive enough to win you games on the ladder, they're not the most refined and may have a few weaknesses that can be easily exploited by some of the better decks on the ladder at the moment.

Tars' Yogg-Saron, Hope's End and Summoning Stone Druid in particular made big waves after its debut at Dreamhack over the weekend. The other decks have more details to help you play them well, but they're certainly not optimized for just competitiveness, you should have some fun as well!

Eventual Yogg
IB.Corrupted Priest
Tars Yogg Summoning stone Druid (Austin)

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If you're not only looking for a new deck to pilot, but want information on exactly how you should be doing so, we've got a bunch of depth guides that will help you learn new decks or just become better at what you're already playing.

Back to Top Lunk's Yo-ho-ho! Top 10 NA Pirate Warrior

Pirate Warrior has really grown in popularity since the release of Old Gods in large part due to N'Zoth's First Mate. But Lunk's variation here goes all in on the Pirate theme rather than just dabbling and using the race as a way to push more face damage. Get his rundown on everything from overall strategy, to mulligans, card substitutions, and individual matchups
As a longtime fan of Pirate Warrior, I was psyched to see a couple new viable cards in WotOG. The loss of Ship's Cannon is painful, but is actually outweighed by an even more significant change: minions, by and large, actually die when you hit them with a weapon now! That's absolutely huge for your ability to fight for board control. I laddered exclusively with this deck, with some tweaks along the way.

This is a little bit more of a midrange approach than most of the other pirate decks I've seen since WotOG came out. It's definitely still aggressive, but in most matchups it seeks to build a solid board while using the bountiful weapon charges to keep your opponent from doing the same before going in for the kill.

Back to Top [Season 25 Legend] Guide to Zoo post WotOG

Zoolock remains one of the most powerful deck archetypes and learning how to pilot the deck with the latest additions is crucial if you want to climb the ladder. Ogren walks you through his decklist which managed to earn him a 66% winrate on his way to Legend.
Hey HearthHead! This is the first guide that I'm making on this sub but I'm a long time commenter on other threads. A bit about me is that I've hit legend 3 times all with Zoo and I would just like to help other Zoo players out because I see a lot of people struggling with the deck. Hope this guide can help.

Back to Top Yogged N Loaded all the way to top 100

Want something that's fun and still competitive? Brawl has put together this Yogg-Saron, Hope's End Hunter deck that finally takes advantage of Lock and Load. Importantly they explain exactly why key cards like Tracking and Gladiator's Longbow can be crucial to your win condition. Seeing a lot of Warriors on the ladder? Brawl has stats that say you should be running this exactly decklist.
This deck starts off removing enemy threats and quickly moves into casting animal companions, calls of the wild and lock and load to assemble a large enough number of threats to knock your opponent out of the game. The deck is backed up by powerful burst via kill command and is capable of putting tremendous pressure on with the power of steady shots.

You will be removing things for a long time, there will be games where you don't play a minion until turn 6 and that's ok just so long as you keep them off of your face, this deck has zero healing, keep the opponent off your face as much as possible without totally exhausting your hand. That doesn't mean sit back all game though, this deck has great burst, animal companion, unleash, call of the balance followed by kill commands have caused some very quick lethal. Sometimes I don't even get to yoggs mana cost.

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For our Wild natured friends, we've had Xeqs upload his extremely unique N'Zoth, the Corruptor Patron Warrior. One of the biggest benefits of Wild is added finishers and this deck takes full advantage of that. Most players simply won't expect to see an Old God as they'll be too focused on playing around what they think is the one and only win condition.
A new variant of Patron Warrior for wild, built to combine the powerful patron engine with a lategame N'Zoth plan. Deck has performed well for me, with a 62% winrate over nearly 250 games, and I've been able to pilot it from rank 10 to Legend on EU.

Why put N’Zoth in patron? Well, firstly it gives you a lot of late game power for a fairly low cost – the deathrattle minions I’ve included (Unstable Ghoul, Loot Hoarder, Piloted Shredder, Sludge Belcher, Sylvanas, Boombots) are mostly ones that have floated in and out of patron lists anyway, and clearly all individually support the modern patron game plan. And importantly, adding N’Zoth solves two major problems for patron decks:
That's it for this roundup, but if you find any deck guides you think are worth highlighting, make sure to send them our way!