Aggro Shaman tops our list of recommendations.

We're officially halfway through the month of December and the clock is ticking. The year is coming to a close and with it, the final Ranked season in 2016. With that in mind, we're repurposing our Climbing the Ladder series as a way to highlight the strongest laddering decks each month. Now is usually when all of the most casual players kick themselves into gear and push for those higher ranks to increase the bountiful rewards in the next chest.

Without further ado, here are three decks we can very much recommend right now:

Terrance's Aggro Shaman - December 2016

Many talk about how Aggro Shaman is good against the very popular Pirate Warrior that is still going around. This is largely due to cheap removal spells like Maelstrom Portal that let you keep the pressure on without wasting too many damage sources.

We are personally very interested in the Finders Keepers inclusion as it hasn't seen too much action, but it makes a lot of sense. Discovering an additional Lava BurstFlamewreathed Faceless, or any other of Shaman's excellent minions and spells can do you wonders if you're just not drawing into the right cards.

Terrance also runs a bunch of one-ofs including Patches the PirateSpirit ClawsAncestral KnowledgeSouthsea Deckhand, and more.

This archetype probably the "best" out there for laddering right now and has the highest representation among Legend players.

Casie's Miracle Rogue - December 2016

Casie isn't running the brand new Red Mana Wyrm, but has instead returned to more conventional roots. That doesn't mean there's nothing new, however. Counterfeit Coin makes the cut and we see Patches the Pirate and Small-Time Buccaneer in the list which is interesting for a deck that's not really under the aggro umbrella.

Can we come to expect to see the new Pirates in most decks in the near future? Only time will tell.

Keep in mind that Mean Streets of Gadgetzan brought new 1-Cost minions with it so Maelstrom Portal has some new possibilities. We discuss those in this article.

Savjz' Renolock - December 2016

Renolock has been strong over the last few weeks as it continues to have answers for many of the most aggressive decks. Warlock's hero power, Life Tap, is clearly what's setting Renolock apart from the remaining Kabal classes that would like just as much to run Reno Jackson style decks, but they simply can't keep as much pressure on.

This one has a few more Gadgetzan cards at its disposal including Dirty Rat which helps you deal with combo or other control decks. Make sure to watch these highlights so you know how the card is meant to be used.

And if you aren't sure how to best create Kazakus Potions, we've whipped up an in-depth guide which talks about each possibility, the benefits and drawbacks of them, and runs you down some example scenarios.


December 2016 Card Back

Remember that you only have to reach Rank 20 to earn this month's card back, Jade Lotus, the first of the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan family themed rewards over the next several months.