On the Chinese Hearthstone servers? You're getting some insightful stats.

Last year, players on the Chinese Hearthstone servers were treated to a lot of insight into the state of the game on their server. This included both an all-encompassing breakdown of matches consisting of every game played in 2015 and also individual statistics to help players get a grasp on the year they just had. Netease has once again enabled a way for players to see their own personalized stats for 2016 and a user over on Reddit has shared what this consists of.

If you somehow have an account on the Chinese servers, you can check your own stats here.

[For the first image]

  1. How many days in 2016 have you played Hearthstone, as a percentile of all players. (Mine exceeds 90.24% total players.) 
  2. I got 17290 total gold, and opened 129 packs.
  3. I got 415 ladder wins, the average in CN server was 246. 
  4. I played 341 round of brawls, my favorite was Randomonium. 
  5. I played with 2 friends.
  6. I have not met the same player twice in 2016. 
  7. I have played with one of my friend 21 times. 
  8. I beat first wing of Karazhan.


[For the second image]

  1. I have turned around the game (win) with 1 health left 20 times, and beat my opponent with full health 129 times. 
  2. Favorite class was mage, with 229 games. 
  3. Had 45 arena runs, got zero 12 wins. :( 
  4. Favorite card back was Exodar, with 1393 games.