Players are excited at the prospect of this coming to America.

An official tournament mode in Hearthstone is something fans have long been clamoring for. China, who's Hearthstone is run separately from Blizzard, is known for getting a lot of cool features such as this application which tracks a plethora of statistics that aren't available anywhere else. Now Netease, the company who runs the title in China, has announced Hearthstone Box, another app where users can run tournaments directly through it without the need to report wins and losses through email or an external website.

"No more decklist submit, no more reporting score, no more annoying printscreen, no more cheat and scam, don't even need an admin any more," says CelestialSinn, who has provided us with a translation of the guide.

Needless to say, both the community and professional players, streamers, and casters are all envious of the release and are hopeful it'll come to the other regions at some point. Holy crap," exclaims Frodan, one of the biggest voices in the English speaking Hearthstone scene, "Netease (Blizz China) announced official HS tourney app w/automated reporting and anti-decklist cheat. When do we get ours?"

It, of course, goes without saying that China has it's own issues just as we have ours, but it has repeatedly been the quickest to iterate on new ideas such as this one.


Hearthstone tournament mode by Hearthstone BOX

Alpha test v0.9 Guide

December 5, 2016


  • This guide applies only to the program with PC version of the game, the mobile versions of the game are not supported by this program.
  • Players need to ensure a good internet connection for the event, the tournament mode feature must be turned on during the whole event.
  • Click the refresh button at the upper right corner if it hasn't been receiving any new notifictions for a while.



  • Download the latest version of the program, click on “Tournament mode” to enter.



  • Select the event you want to participate in, click to view the event details.
  • Click “Register Now”.


The Account Binding

  • If it's your first time to use this program you need to bind your BattleNet acc and your mobile phone to it.
  • (How to bind)
  • Then refresh.


Check In

  • Check in starts 60 minutes before the start of the event. Players haven’t checked in 5 min before the start of the event will forfeit the tournament.



  • Bracket will be generated 5 min before the start of the event.


Waiting For The Game To Start

  • After entering the event, there will be 5 minutes of preparation time, both players can now add friends and get ready to play.


The Preparatory Stage

  • Players of both sides have 15 minutes to adjust their decks, after adjustment, please make sure that the program has recorded your decklists.
  • Now, please challenge your opponent to play the match (wild / standard).
  • Go to the battle preparation interface of the program, and click the "Ready" button to confirm.
  • After both sides are ready, you will go to next phase.


Pick and Ban

  • In the Pick phase, players will have 5 minutes to choose their decks, players need to make sure that they are already in the challenge lobby.
  • The decks that you can select are from the decks that you’ve previously recorded using this program.
  • If you don’t select decks in 5 min the program will automatically rule the match lost.
  • After the Pick phase, you will go to the Ban phase. Players can Ban a certain number of the opponent's classes.
  • Note: If the player uses a deck that’s not recorded, or a deck that’s not picked during pick phase, or a deck that’s banned in ban phase, the program will report a forfeit win for your opponent automatically.


Match Start

  • At this point the program will show both players classes information, if you forget which deck of the class you have it recorded/picked, you can mouse over the icon and it will show you the name.
  • After a game is complete the program will automatically record the result of the game process. In some cases the record will have a few minutes delay, players can directly start next game without waiting for it to process.
  • When all games of this matchup are complete please wait for the program to process and show the final results, it might take a few min. If nothing happens after more than 10 min, please contact admin.


Into The Next Round

  • After confirming the results, click “Back” button on the top right corner, and then click on bracket to view your next opponent, click to enter the next round.