Last weekend Team Nihilum took home the Archon Team League Championship over Cloud9. It's been a good amount of time since we last covered the tournament, but thought it would be a good time to highlight the six decks that led the team to a $150,000 victory. Understandably there's no tremendous outlier as far as risks go, but as always there are some very important tech decisions that inevitably made all the difference.


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Back to Top Thijs' ATLC Finals Midrange Druide

The Grand Tournament has certainly instilled some amount of variance among Druids. Sometimes you'll see Savage Combatant and Living Roots, but the only card Thijs was sure about including was Darnassus Aspirant which has the chance to completely ramp the game out of control. There are few surprises in the deck aside from Ancient of War which simply looks to deal with aggro and pose a big problem for Grim Patron Warriors that have already blown their Execute.

Back to Top Thijs' ATLC Finals Freeze Mage

You always have a few decisions when running this deck archetype. You can see here that Thijs has opted for a Cone of Cold instead of two Blizzards to help him relieve some early game pressure. Everything else is your basic run-of-the-mill Freeze Mage.

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Back to Top RDU's ATLC Finals Secret Paladin

The newest archetype to appear in the finals was the new and powerful Secret Paladin. Mysterious Challenger alone willed this deck into existence and now it stands (at least for the moment) side by side with Patron Warrior as one of the strongest on the ladder.

It's interesting to see that RDU treated Mysterious Challenger as a win condition and that alone. He runs only one of each secret aside from Avenge which is arguably the best Paladin secret there is. This way, drawing Challengers should clear his deck of most of the secrets that are largely considered garbage draws and lets him put more meat into his deck.

Back to Top RDU's ATLC Finals Hybrid Hunter

Not much changed for the Hunter class with The Grand Tournament. Though Bear Trap does make an occasional appearance, it's still tremendously clear that Freezing Trap and Explosive Trap are far and away the favorites. In a move towards Hybrid Hunter, RDU runs one of both while keeping a lot of the early game pressure with mid-game threats like Savannah Highmane and Loatheb.

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Back to Top Lifecoach's ATLC Finals Grim Patron Warrior

It wasn't that long ago that Lifecoach was only running one Fiery War Axe, so you can't say that there isn't some variance among Grim Patron Warriors. Heck, there used to be a time where Shield Block and Shield Slam were only included to make people believe you were playing Control and not Patron. Many thought the element of surprise was the only reason they were included but it looks like they're here to stay. He also only runs one Gnomish Inventor which keep you from sitting on too many cycling cards or dead weight.

Back to Top Lifecoach's ATLC Finals Demon Handlock

Demon Handlock is usually the most stagnant archetype there is as you're already guaranteed to have all four giants, Mal'Ganis, and Lord Jaraxxus. But we have to give props to Lifecoach for running it in the first place, you honestly see plain old Handlock run more often these days.

Even more decks including those from Trump, Strifecro, Kibler, and more can be found on the Team Archon website.