The Hearthstone community is abuzz with these gifs created by Charsiew Space. And while they mainly work on a comic about charsiew (as in the food) in space, they also create some really awesome art. While it's their most recent Whispers of the Old Gods related piece that brought them to the forefront, there's a lot here including references to when the mobile version of the game first launched and the Warsong Commander nerf.

You can find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Greetings, traveler.

Excited for BRM release on Hearthstone!

smartphone sold separately.

Varian Wrynn’s dreams are made of these.

It’s unfair to be jousting an elephant!

Murlocs For Uther, especially the Murloc Knight. Vote Uther! He will bring us light.

You will charge forward alone from now on…

Don’t worry lads, the Lightlord is here!