There are plenty of players out there that have taken up the mantle of consistency and have been quick to point out places in which Hearthstone fails to act in the expected manner. One of the largest has always been Druid of the Claw and Ancient of War. The former actually transforms into either Druid of the Claw or Druid of the Claw while the latter actually just gains the stats as a buff and it can therefore be silenced away. Despite the wording being exactly the same, they behave in two completely different manners and this has caused new players a lot of issues when it comes to making decisions.

The good news is there will be a video explanation by Lead Designer, Ben Brode, regarding why this is the case and whether or not that may change in the future.

@bdbrode text being different vs same doesnt always matter, see druid of the claw and ancient of war. so seems like understandable confusion
@Sonusto certainly understandable!

@bdbrode @Sonusto Out of curiosity, is DotC/Ancient of War wording mistake left as-is because it would be too hard to localize?
@Patashu0 @Sonusto nope - it's intentional. Planning on doing a video explaining the current philosophy, and how it might change.

It's certainly an issue that has plagued the title, though it is completely understandable given the ever increasing number of cards and interactions in the game. Unearthed Raptor has been the hot topic as of late given it frequently causes users on mobile to appear as if they've lost connection. The turn timer doesn't function and the rope never comes in to end your opponent's turn. The issue was hotfixed on the desktop version of Hearthstone, but it's yet to be pushed to other platforms.

Also in the works are some fixes for inconsistencies regarding phrasing, something that should help newer players understand the order in which cards will actually trigger.

@bdbrode @Patashu0 @Sonusto If you do a video on card text, please also mention "Whenever" vs "After" inconsistency:…
@Adys @Patashu0 @Sonusto some of those are fixed in upcoming patches. I'll take a look at the rest. Thanks for the report!

We'll keep you updated as to when these actually go live, but it's nice to know they're in the works.