Reducing the number of Classic cards was important to Blizzard.

Hearthstone is doing something it has never done before with the Year of the Mammoth. Blizzard has decided to move six Classic cards, the set that is essentially evergreen, and moving them to a new Hall of Fame set. This set, of course, is only available in Wild and is Blizzard's way of removing cards that it thinks hog space when it comes to user decisions or are too troublesome.

There's already been some discussion about how this will affect future purchases of Classic packs. Yes, the cards will be removed and this does indeed have an impact on card chances, but the developers don't seem too concerned about it.

They've even said there will be considerations made as to whether or not those cards should be replaced. Game Director Ben Brode recently said Shatter might be a good candidate for Mages, a thought that he echoed today.

  • No current plans to replace these cards.
  • One of Blizzard's goals was to reduce the number of Classic and Basic cards in each deck to 10-12 cards. (Currently 20+)
  • Don't want decks to change? Play Wild.
  • Curse of Rafaam might be a good Power Overwhelming replacement, but Brode says there's probably something better in the future to replace it.


Back to TopWill there be replacements for Power Overwhelming, Ice Lance, and Conceal? 

It's possible we will backfill eventually, but we don't currently have plans for it. Part of the reason for making these cards exclusive to wild is to reduce the power of the evergreen sets so the game doesn't feel the same every year in Standard. So we'd have to choose carefully what to add. 

Shatter is an example of a card that might be good backfill for Ice Lance. It's simple, pretty fun, and helps solidify the identity of Mage. It's also not likely to keep the meta from shifting by becoming an auto-include for Mage or making it very difficult for us to make powerful Freeze effects. 

But again, I don't think this is something we'd need to do right away.


Back to TopA user feels that Blizzard is forcing Standard to be staler by removing cards like these.

We are very far from a world where decks use 30 expansion cards. Many of the top decks right now run 20+ classic/basic cards. 

Part of the goal of the new Hall of Fame is that we might get down to an average of 10 or 12 cards per deck being from classic/basic. At least at the high end of competition. 

If folks want to keep playing the same decks/cards every year, that's fine with me. Wild is supposed to support that. (We have work to do on making Wild feel more supported, though, and we announced the beginning of those plans in our recent blog.) We do need a place that changes more frequently (which means the cards being played are mostly from rotating expansions), and that is what Standard is for.


Back to TopWhat could replace Power Overwhelming in the Classic set?

Maybe something from a future set? But if I had to choose now, maybe Curse of Rafaam? It's a bit ' texty ' for a classic card but maybe it'd be fine.