As per usual, the Hearthstone community remains hesitant to trust that Blizzard's plan for the game will be enough to shake things up year over year. But Lead Designer Ben Brode has reaffirmed his statement that the development will make changes if needed.

Though the release of Standard helped deal with some of the issues that Wild will now face, many still want more variety out of their experience. Cards like Yogg-Saron, Hope's End and Flamewreathed Faceless are problematic in their own right, that much is certain, but many players don't think that anything will truly change because of how influential the Classic set is. Powerful archetypes like Freeze Mage, Zoolock, and many, many more have a large percentage of their composition solidified year over year thanks to the evergreen set. And while theoretically, Blizzard could change things at any time, specifically when the Hearthstone year "resets" with the first expansion of a new year, there are those who have their doubts it will do so. The developers have frequently discussed their opinion of nerfs and how they're generally against them due to the risk of user grief, but Brode says they aren't afraid to make tweaks.

Reading feedback on Standard and whether things will change enough in 2017. If we think they won't, we'll make tweaks to ensure freshness.
Not sure yet if that's nerfs like we did with Old Gods or something else like moving cards to wild like we did with Murk Eye.

@bdbrode As long as you stick with flawed idea of the classic set, things are always gonna be partially stagnant. :(
@Samael76 not sure that's true. What if we nerfed every card in it, for example?

@bdbrode @Samael76 Would be pointless, redundant. Previous nerfs hurt heroic adventure decks for replay value. Just remove classic, no nerf
@Frogpoison @Samael76 I wasn't suggesting we do it, just that saying having classic around is never going to work doesn't seem correct to me

@bdbrode @Samael76 You can't go too heavy handed with errata or it invalidates players knowledge. Banlists are probably the better way.
@OrangeNova @Samael76 I was just trying to refute the point that an evergreen classic is inherently flawed. Tweaks could shore up issues.

@bdbrode Any chance of not letting League of Explorers expire in the next set rotation? Would be a shame to see it go so soon.
@_gurubashi ideally we will release awesome new cards, and Wild will also be awesome.
@bdbrode Is this confirmation that you moved Murk-Eye to Wild because Murloc Pally would be too strong?
@Aaron90495 we moved those for a lot of reasons. Having old promos like gelbin and ETC around in standard felt weird too.
@bdbrode while on the topic of standard 2017 what are your thoughts on adding old cards back into standard, for example dark bomb, healbot,
@BenMorrow1 would rather add new fun tools, usually