Bolster Warrior is no longer a joke.

When Journey to Un'Goro released with all these new Taunt minions for Warrior we couldn't have been the only ones thinking about the fact that Bolster was rotating out of Standard. After all the time Blizzard spent trying to push the archetype it's finally a thing! But now there's no Bolster.

We couldn't let this fly and ventured into the depths of Wild to build something for ourselves that finally gave the card a chance to shine.

This Week's Card Is: Bolster

Out of all the Fun Card Fridays we've done so far, this is probably one of the most flexible. This is the list we've built, but there are a ton of Taunt minions exclusive to Wild at this point to consider and even more class cards that we'd love to include as well. Sadly there isn't enough room for them all, but this is what we've ended up with.

Deck: Wild Bolster Warrior - Fun Card Friday

Back to TopStandard Taunts

If we're going to play what is essentially a slightly different Wild Taunt Warrior, we might as well start with the strongest Taunts currently in Standard.

Fire Plume's Heart - This is pretty much the main reason decks like Taunt Warrior even work. This is a major win condition and we'll be using it here too.

Bloodhoof Brave - Solid body that has becomes troublesome if you don't kill it in one go.

Alley Armorsmith - Armor gain is important against more aggressive decks.

Direhorn Hatchling - Decent Taunt, more importantly, it helps our Control matchup by adding more fuel to our deck.

Dirty Rat - Aggro decks hate this, combo decks hate it, we love it.

Stonehill Defender - We could probably run something else instead of Defenders, but we like having the ability to get more Taunts as needed.

Back to TopWild Taunts

Now comes the more infamous Taunts from Hearthstone's history.

Annoy-o-Tron - A pain in the butt. At the very least it's an early game drop, at best it's buffed by our other cards and becomes a legitimate threat.

Deathlord - Big body.

Sludge Belcher - The definitive Taunt.

Back to TopRemoval

We went a little light on removal. It's hard to fit all these Taunts plus suboptimal Bolster Warrior cards, so this section ends up suffering.

Shield Slam - Gives us a way of dealing with one troublesome minion.

Execute - Many of our Taunts have high health meaning we don't necessarily need Whirlwind effects to activate it.

Fiery War Axe - We'd love to also run Death's Bite, but there simply isn't room.

Brawl - The most important removal in our deck.

Back to TopThe Bolster Warrior

Bolster - If you're ahead on the board this is a win-more card. If not, it functions similarly to Stolen Goods.

Stolen Goods - With the number of problematic Taunts we have, this card makes them even worse for our opponents to deal with.


For each week's Fun Card Friday, we'll be selecting one infrequently used card and create a fun and interesting deck with it. We make no promises that it'll actually take you to Legend though.

We encourage you to make your own decks based off of each week's cards and submit them in the comments section.