Between The Ruined City release and the subsequent patch release on Friday, there's been a lot for the Blizzard team to talk about. And they've been busy over the weekend answering some of the usual questions while opening up discussions towards some of the balancing opinions that the community has. Savage Roar + Force of Nature are talked about specifically, but we're also hearing some of the first murmurs of discontent with Reno Jackson.

Back to TopThe Reno Jackson Problem & Burst Balancing

@ThatsAdmirable @PlayHearthstone @bdbrode @Realz_HS @IksarHS Agreed. Not as bad as Patron, but a major problem which needs to be addressed
@StandardUser1 @ThatsAdmirable @PlayHearthstone @bdbrode @Realz_HS Druid combo?! Which card is more offensive to you of the two?

Speaking in regards to Reno Jackson negatively affecting the ladder experience.

@RiotAzael @AskJoshy Most feedback has been the polar opposite but these feels were a risk going in.
@RiotAzael @AskJoshy The upside to me has mostly been a bunch of decks you've never really seen before popping up because of Reno.
@RiotAzael @AskJoshy I generally don't like full counters through one card, and Reno played on T6 is a hard counter to hyperaggro decks.

@RiotAzael @AskJoshy I generally don't like full counters through one card, and Reno played on T6 is a hard counter to hyperaggro decks.
@RiotAzael @AskJoshy but like I said there are other upsides, anyway thanks for feedback I'll keep it in mind.

@IksarHS @AskJoshy powerful cards are exciting for the one playing it but being on the other side of one so extreme feels pretty awful
@RiotAzael @AskJoshy Yep, this is fairly common 'problem' in all games not just Hearthstone. I think worst case scenario is when you try so

@RiotAzael @AskJoshy hard to avoid feel-bad moments you end up creating content that lacks any kind of excitement. I like the 'one-of' ...
@RiotAzael @AskJoshy mechanic, there are probably better ways to do it that still make you excited enough to build a one-of deck around them

Back to TopBugs & Bug Fixes

@bdbrode @PlayHearthstone why do cards like Molten Giant and Mountain Giant no longer make the ground beneath them crack when played?
@TimeLordHS @PlayHearthstone fix coming soonish for that
@ywoo_dev New bug: Giantfin can use his Hero Power 'Mrglmrgl MRGL!' for free, even after Saboteur…
@Patashu0 thanks for all the reports buddy! most of these are already in motion. :)
@ywoo_dev tl;dr seems a new Phase was created somehow, by placing Tunnel Trogg in it - and since the new Phase is after overload is paid...
@Patashu0 the hotfix for this should already be deployed at this point! Let me know if you still repro!
@ywoo_dev The folder "Unity" and the file "Output_log.txt" dont exist in the folder of Hearthstone in Windows 7.
@sanalem17 the new patch should resolve this issue!
@ywoo_dev Can we have official word on whether the Patch 4.0-4.1 Enrage mechanic is bugged?…
@Patashu0 we are working on a fix!
@ywoo_dev No, I mean that the 2nd deathrattle does not trigger at all. Same for Soul of the Forest. The buff "disappears" before it triggers
@Adys aha. I understand. We will check this out!

Back to TopAlternative Heroes & Past Card Backs

@bdbrode will we ever have a chance to get cardbacks from past seasons? I really need the Maraad cardback for my Paladin!
@bdbrode will any of the old card backs ever be available again?
@bdbrode Will you ever make warlock class alternate hero? If so, will it be soon?
@Dardanos8 yes and nothing to announce right now

Back to TopRandom Information

@bdbrode How does the Development team think about the state of the priest class atm?
@Jorgengarcia pretty excited about it. Dragon priest is pretty fun and there are some other cool versions we have been messing with.
I thought this post was funny, since the inspiration for the mission was one of our unreleased brawls. :)…

Back to TopYes, Deck Slots Are Still Coming

@bdbrode So this brawl is complicated enough for us yet, more then 9 deck slots isn't like wat
@KennyS_isBae we've been working on more deck slots