A recent Reddit thread asked if developers ever post the decks they're actually playing and it generated a good amount of feedback. A few members of Team 5 took to both the subreddit and Twitter to post their decklists and offer some commentary. The team has also been responding to questions on Twitter including Brann Bronzebeard Not Triggering Echoing Ooze, Hearthstone and Windows Mobile, and some of the perks of working at Blizzard.

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August Dean Ayala - Designer & Ben Brode - Lead Designer

These are the decks I'm playing right now. Use caution when exploring. pic.twitter.com/GjmISerGux
Someone was asking what deck I've been playing recently, so here's the decklist, with some helpful comments. pic.twitter.com/MWdlHZLTXi

@ImFaTandFacT Having a minion to play on T2 as Priest is pretty nice. It does quite well vs Secret Pala, Aggro Shaman, and Hunters.
@bdbrode wait so the crab is there on the off chance someone plays Finley?
@xionarc lots of paladin Murloc decks and coldlight oracles to eat as well. :)

Mike Donais - Senior Designer

Mike Donais' Reno Mage
"I have been having a lot of fun with Reno Mage. I like it because Ice Block + Reno is preeeeeetty good. You can even play reno 2-4 times in a game if you duplicate and echoes him which can be important vs some decks. Vs other decks you want to make duplicates of other cards.

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@bdbrode Brann doesn't proc Echoing Ooze, intended or bug?
@julianprofas intended, but weird. Maybe too weird.

@bdbrode that's very misleading considering Echoing Ooze's effect is a battlecry, though the strangest Battlecry out there.
@chrismanning it puts a "state" on the ooze. Putting the "state" on it twice doesn't do anything, just like adding Divine Shield twice.

@chrismanning it puts a "state" on the ooze. Putting the "state" on it twice doesn't do anything, just like adding Divine Shield twice.

@bdbrode It's weird because everything comparable is a keyworded effect, like divine shield, windfury, freeze. Other non-keyword buffs stack
@alexanderdove Yes. You've identified exactly why I've called it weird. It's this reason. The art (clear state), and the text are at odds.

@bdbrode @chrismanning Perhaps change Echoing Ooze's text to reflect that it isn't a battlecry effect?
@sidelsky18 @chrismanning It *is* a battlecry effect. Just a binary one that doesn't matter if it's applied twice.

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@bdbrode @ywoo_dev Any news on when hearthstone will be available for windows mobile users?
@Ozsmeg @bdbrode there are no current plans to support this platform.

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@bdbrode as you are part of the blizz team do you get packs/foils as perks?
@EbyJames we get $500 a year to spend on whatever: Blizzcon tickets, packs, heroes of the storm, etc. I blow through it pretty fast. :)

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@bdbrode i'm sure you're busy with your job so you can play all day, but what ranks do you usually float around by the end of the season?
@jthamind yeah I only get to around rank 4 before the season ends usually. Thankfully we have lots of players who are better than me here.