Last week's Blue Tweets post revealed that Animated Armor was originally a neutral card, but was forced into Mage exclusiveness because of the ever troublesome Master of Disguise. Following our tweet revealing the change, a curious Hearthstone player reached out to Lead Designer Ben Brode regarding what had to be removed to make room. Turns out that card was Summoning Stone.

Since the debut of card backs, players have been asking Blizzard as to whether or not they'll ever be available at a later date. And though the development team has consistency said, probably or maybe up to this point, it's interesting to note that most assumed this to be the case for some of the easier to get card backs such as ranked rewards. However, when prodded regarding some of the rarer examples like The Grand Tournament and Blizzard 2015, Brode wouldn't actually rule them out, though he says they "Wouldn't make 'em easy to get though."

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@Hearthhead @bdbrode @ywoo_dev What was the mage card supposed to be before AA then? This makes me feel mage got ripped off. =/
@MacfanJohn @Hearthhead @ywoo_dev I think it was Summoning Stone.
@bdbrode @MacfanJohn @Hearthhead yeah it was summoning stone. At first we weren't sure if we wanted it to be a neutral minion.

@ywoo_dev @bdbrode @Hearthhead Was SS a 5 mana card when it was mage exclusive? Did you nerf it a bit to make it neutral?
@MacfanJohn @ywoo_dev @Hearthhead we didn't change it

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As always, Hearthstone is continuing to evolve while the developers try to find the clearest way to convey interactions in the limited space they have.

@bdbrode I'm surprised you didn't cover the words "have" and "control" in your consistency video. I see they mean the same thing. Confusing.
@TheHoodedShirts one day we will change one to be like the other. We were testing out a new templating.

Back to TopObtaining Limited Edition Card Backs

@bdbrode Old cardbacks might be earnable again at some point. I'm assuming this won't be true for Blizzcon cardbacks, TGT preorder, etc?
@LysisOrion it's possible. Wouldn't make 'em easy to get though.

Back to TopStill No Patron Buff Coming

Sorry Patron fans, but even following the Warsong Commander nerf the deck remains among the best in the game. We wouldn't expect a buff anytime soon regardless of how it feels lacking compared to how it used to be.

@bdbrode I'm playing ostkaka's worlds list. I feel like there aren't any comeback mechanisms if you lose the board.
@TrentonBeatty We are very unlikely to intentionally improve decks that are that good. It's already winning at the highest levels.

Back to TopEnrage Bug

Many have complained about the Amani Berserker bug that disables the enrage effect when hit by Aldor Peacekeeper's ability. It appears as if the same interaction occurs between Grommash Hellscream and Keeper of Uldaman, but the Blizzard team is aware of these issues and working on a fix.

@SPY_Dart @bdbrode @ywoo_dev @DisguisedToast @IksarHS @bmkibler @KitkatzHS @PlayHearthstone It should be the same as wtih Aldor
@TempoGaara @SPY_Dart @bdbrode @DisguisedToast @IksarHS @bmkibler @KitkatzHS @PlayHearthstone We are aware of this one! Working on it.

Back to TopMysterious Challenger Reminder

@bdbrode But it only activated once (no second animation) and thus also only drew 5. Is that working as intended?
@CrazyGunnerr max secrets in play is 5