Needless to say, Hearthstone has been in a somewhat controversial position over the last month or so. Players are pleading Blizzard to help remedy the Priest class' issues while trying to find a "unicorn" Priest deck which probably doesn't even exist. Dean Ayala talks about the community's passion over Flamewreathed Faceless with all of the 4-Mana 7/7 memes and elaborates on why it's probably a fine card. But we also find out why Halfhill was delayed (Hint: Not because of a new adventure), an iOS patch is inbound, and the development team makes a few more interesting points.

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@bdbrode Was the Halfhill cardback pushed back in order to allow for Morgl/Tinyfin Beach synergy?

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@IksarHS Priests struggle for quite some time now. You know that. And in this meta, they are unplayable.
@Lcfer I disagree about unplayability, but understand the perception. Priest needs cool new stuff. Agreed.
@Lcfer the general idea is not to have every priest deck be a deck that sits back and clears
@Lcfer dragon is pretty good about being pro-active, would rather support that than just more removal
@bdbrode The class is incoherent, half cards that rely on curve of minions and half control cards. Please make one playable deck!
@BlakeNJudge we include a variety of options on purpose. Look at warrior: pirate cards, armor-gaining, dragon cards, enrage cards...
@BlakeNJudge we include a variety of options on purpose. Look at warrior: pirate cards, armor-gaining, dragon cards, enrage cards...
@BlakeNJudge creating multiple ways to play lets players be creative instead of designers.

Back to TopBrode's Unicorn Priest

@robcopeland I think maybe people misunderstood my comment (or didn't read the rest of that post)
@robcopeland But we've seen people come up with unique decks that do well even months after an expansion comes out. It happens sometimes.
@bdbrode As a guy who ONLY plays priest. Can i get a small hint as what this undiscovered priest deck is?
@OmarFarouk20 I wasn't saying there is definitely a specific priest deck
Said "a good priest deck might exist" and ppl think I meant I have a secret list. Not what I meant, but it's fun to see folks experimenting!

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4 7/7 commands such enthusiastic opinions. Maybe most of it is how it feels to not have an answer for it that early in the game.
Things like Doomhammer or Trogg feel like they fly under the radar even though you might expect both to command equal enthusiasm.
Glad aggressive Shaman is still going through iterations, feels a little different every couple weeks.
@Lcfer classes have strong cards, that's cool with us so long as it's not obvious to include them in every possible archetype of that class
@Lcfer mega iconic class cards get a pass in some circumstances but they are still talked about internally. EX: Fiery WAxe
@LeviTriumphant the balance of the two from a population standpoint is fairly even I think.
@LeviTriumphant I think there is less variety in aggressive decks that makes them feel more population dominant. We should improve that.

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@ThatsAdmirable mill decks can be pretty offensive, that's part of it
@ThatsAdmirable most of the time people talk to me about wanting Nat to be stronger are in the process of building a deck that make you want
@ThatsAdmirable to rage quit hearthstone if you lost to it consistently. But I wouldn't know I never rage. Ever.

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Hey @bdbrode did the chances of getting Totem Golem/Mana tide from Tuskar Totemic changed after the patch? It feels like it at @DreamHack
@LotharHS @DreamHack not that I'm aware of
@bdbrode i have a question - do you help card creation at all or are you now something like a leader only?
@AlfisTheBest I'm involved but not to the extent I was on everything OldGods and prior.
@bdbrode disenchant warning going off at 3 rather than 2 cards saying i will have less then can fit in a deck.
@FallOfTheLiving yeah I noticed that too. We'll get it fixed. Thanks!

@bdbrode Random question: is there a card you regret not making? I was thinking about all the trade-offs of expansion development.
@coL_noxious yes - the pirate we cut from TGT. But maybe it was for the best. He'll probably be back some day!
@bdbrode @coL_noxious will we ever know what that card did?
@Frollino95 @coL_noxious yes :)

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Fourth day without @PlayHearthstone due to bug on iOS. Feelsbadman @bdbrode @ywoo_dev
@OtakuMZ1978 @PlayHearthstone @bdbrode iOS needs to get through submission process. Hopefully early next week.
@bdbrode Is their going to be an update for iPad/phone versions of HS because of the lag that's been happening?
@Lukeey_97 yes - hoping to have it out soon