There's been a veritable whirlwind of activity since Blizzard announced Whispers of the Old Gods last week. Since then we've also seen the release of Patch 4.2.0 which includes Lady Liadrin, more deck slots, and lots of datamined info including potential Tavern Brawls. Inevitably development team has been extremely busy on social media, looking to address many of the community's most pressing questions. Highlights from this roundup includes talk of C'Thun and the lore behind him, clarification on some Arena interactions, and Yong Woo discussing the "weakening" of the random deck game mode (when allowing Hearthstone to automatically complete your deck).

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@bdbrode You mentioned before you wanted less lag time between announcements & release, what changed for WotOG?
@wnatch We needed a little extra time to get all the stuff relating to new formats just right. Not ideal but I think necessary.
@bdbrode i can disenchant all adventure cards (not just naxx) in new patch, bug?
@christouag @bdbrode if I disenchant brm's cards and 1 month later i regret, how can i have disenchanted cards?
@_Shirow you can craft them again if you want
@bdbrode With C'thun and his cult essentially banned in arena, will they still pop from random minion summons like Paletress and Shredder?

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@ywoo_dev @bdbrode I'm REALLY upset that you messed up random deck picking. The game lots its fun mode! Can we have a Random button instead?
@LotiPodcast @bdbrode what do you mean we messed it up? :)

@ywoo_dev @bdbrode In the past, we could choose a hero, click done and the game would fill the slots with RANDOM cards.
@LotiPodcast @bdbrode oh! It wasn't totally random b4 either. :) We just improved on the selection algorithm. There's still some randomness.

@ywoo_dev @bdbrode It was a huge difference. We got different cards everytime. Now we get most of the same cards each time.
@LotiPodcast @bdbrode this is true. we try harder to give you more reasonable cards.

@ywoo_dev @bdbrode But that's what made that fun for us. Crazy randomness. Can we have a random button instead then?
@LotiPodcast @bdbrode hmmmm. Something to think about. Thanks for the feedback. :)

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@bdbrode Clarification req.: Old MurkEye is in the murloc precon deck, unlike naxx cards. Did you decide to keep reward cards in standard?
@Adys no, we just messed that up.

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@TeamasterAlex @ywoo_dev @lackofrealism C'Thun does not have to be in play for Klaxxi's Amber-Weaver's Battlecry effect to occur.
@zschmitt1 If a Priest Thoughsteals C'Thun, the stolen C'Thun gains the ritual buffs from that Priest, not the player C'Thun was stolen from
@daminloi @bdbrode Klaxxi Amber-Weaver will receive the +5 health buff if your C'Thun has 10 attack or more anywhere.

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@bdbrode Klaxxi Amber-Weaver has C'Thun synergy? The Klaxxi worshiped Y'Shaarj, the Qiraji worshiped C'Thun. It's triggering the lore fans.
@GamingXtrm Y'Shaarj died but they will help any old God.
@GamingXtrm Y'Shaarj died but they will help any old God.
@GamingXtrm quote from WoW: "Kil'ruk the Wind-Reaver says: If the Old Ones ever return, we mantid will once again stand by their side."
@Skaraton33 The Klaxxi are interested in assisting ANY of the Old Gods. In WoW, Y'shaarj is dead, so they're playing the waiting game.

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@bdbrode what was the 7 4/6 effect? And why it was cancelled? I dont know if someone else has asked already
@iFaeridae was cut last second for power level reasons

@bdbrode @iFaeridae isn't that the charge pirate guy tho?
@russ_rulz @iFaeridae yes, we moved the parrot onto that card effect, and cut the original parrot

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@bdbrode nice patch mr. Brode. This is taken from my Amazon Fire Phone. Never had problems before
@Coldpl4y3R please reinstall or clear app data. So sorry about that. :-:

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@bdbrode Can we get a Twitch reference in Hearthstone?

@RNFohle @bdbrode But that's getting removed and isn't even played :( We need something like a card that says something with twitch
@mb0ws3r @RNFohle Crowd Favorite is a twitch reference in the flavor text and VO.

@bdbrode do players making "custom" Hearthstone cards hurt you guys during dev? Can you make a card that's super similar to a custom one?
@praeshock yeah we've experimented with several fan-made designs in the past