It's obviously been a very busy week for the Hearthstone team with folks like Lead Designer Ben Brode taking time to respond to feedback from their latest efforts. In particular, his latest Designer Insights video on consistency really seemed to split the community. Some wanted immediate changes or firm stances, but what he offered was, well, insight into the development team's thought process and all the factors that must be considered. Aside from that, we also got some answers regarding strange card interactions, more reassurance on deck slots, and a justification as to why Blizzard doesn't tease new content as much with Hearthstone as they do their other titles like Overwatch.

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.@bdbrode Love your Dev. Insights, but wanted to ask if we are ever going to get sneak peaks of future content? (J. Kaplan Does that for OW)
@HearthTrolden we could - but stuff changes and people get sad. Also, if it takes too long people get antsy. Remember the Naxx rollout?

@HearthTrolden we could - but stuff changes and people get sad. Also, if it takes too long people get antsy. Remember the Naxx rollout?
@HearthTrolden We are working on awesome stuff though :)

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@Elsher_ I did try and start the whole video with the tone of "this may not be correct". And it is logical, even if you disagree with it.
@Elsher_ I don't even know if I agree with it! But I mostly did the vid to expose some lenses we look through that players may not realize.
@bdbrode But perhaps I need more convincing, as I don't see the logic of having DotC and DotS reading differently yet behaving the same.
@Elsher_ the logic is that less words is sometimes better. Where do you sort that among other goals? And I'm not trying to convince you :)
@Dreamagram @bdbrode i dont quite agree when you say that HS pushes players towards the classic cards.
@Spongepedro in the shop the classic packs say "recommended for new players". Also we give them out more frequently.
@bdbrode Thanks for the video, always enjoy the insights. For consistency AND easy parsing, why not just make Druid of the Claw buff itself?
@themeorch mostly flavor and selling the fantasy of Druid.
Really dig @bdbrode's new video. I fall in the camp of consistency > clean card text. Hearing the internal points for both sides was great.
@GarrettArt thanks! I'm certainly not sure we shouldn't change it but wanted to discuss the issue because I think it's interesting.

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@bdbrode @Nebra010 oh Ben you cheeky chap. You've been working on more deck slots forever! When do we get some more heroes?
@benohanlon @Nebra010 haven't been working on 'em all that long. We hemmed and hawed for a good year. :)
@bdbrode Apparently you've said more than 9 deck slots is too confusing for new players. I'm confused why I can scroll down that screen.
@Boyzby because we are adding more deck slots

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@IksarHS I've been meaning to test Finley and Justicar! does Justicar upgrade your Finley hero power? or just upgrade the Mage one?
@blisterguy upgrades whatever you currently have, tank up Mage ftw
@bdbrode 5 minions on board, one of them is Brann, priest uses Cabal and a minion which he cabal'd dies. Is it working as intended?
@bdbrode Using "Entomb" on an enemy minion shuffles your "Djinni of Zephyrs"! and using "Shadow Madness" destroy "Djinni"! is that normal?
@maboulela yes though if like to change the rules to prevent it eventually

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@bdbrode Hey man, just curious, are the cards you get in a pack decided when you get the pack, or are they decided as you open the pack?
@bdbrode hey Ben, how often do you devs get confused about cards when playing the game after a long time testing new changes? Curiosity
@Sandeep270894 definitely happens a lot. :)
@bdbrode Tell us a secret! Does HS team ever draw inspiration for new cards from community, or it's always closed, brainstormy process?
@Archirk yes we definitely do!
@bdbrode @ywoo_dev Reposting for visibility, thanks in advance for the answer !
@KintaroCH @bdbrode if you are doing something purely for your own use only I'm sure no one will come bust down your door. :)