Ben Brode confirms the Halfhill card back has been pushed back, a few bug fixes are on their way soon, and Dean Ayala goes in depth on the current Legend system.

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@Hearthhead once we concept a feature like this, we have to implement it in a patch, wait for the other features of that patch to complete--
@Hearthhead --do several weeks of bug fixing and testing, and then submit to various app stores for approval. It can be quite the process!

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@bdbrode @ywoo_dev wasn't Halfhill card back for July? Did you move it to August?
@IceverinHS @ywoo_dev not sure when we will use that one. Sorry for the confusion
@bdbrode wasn't the halfhill cardback supposed to be the July one (says so in game) or did that one get bumped into the future

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@PlayHearthstone @bdbrode could you make it so we can re-order decks on the deck select screen please. : )
@narsqt been talking about that. Might have a UI-less solution.
@mxma101 @Figluster Any chance to change decklist to show golden and normal card in same line? Like half border normal, half golden.
@Cyberbeni @Figluster This is something we've considered in the past, but have yet to find a visual treatment that we are happy with.

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@bdbrode Has the design team considered the coin not to be a spell? Could this be a change to better balance the game of going first/second?
@xnotx123 it's helping balance right now. Still better to go first
@bdbrode Hey, quick question, when designing cards, do you design the big deck-makers or some of the smaller ones 1st? I'm interested :)
@Thedalemorgan some of both. I just go down the sheet and insert things. But I haven't been designing cards since OG, really.
@FavynTube yes, but not sure it's worth it. Dangerous to put too many good cards in the non-rotating sets because things can feel samey
@bdbrode are you enjoing more your current 'mentor' role or did you have more fun actually building things as a senior developer?
@nik_peluchetti I loved designing cards but I also love helping guide teams
@bdbrode Regarding #oldcardbacks, have you considered rewards for completing a full set? IE complete TGT set, get old TGT Promo Cardback.
@LysisOrion yeah, we've discussed that kind of thing. I think we could celebrate your collection more than we currently do.

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@bdbrode are you aware of the bug when tinkertown technician is glowing even when there is no mech in play?
@bdbrode When discovering using Fandral and Raven Idol you can get two or three of the choices as the exact same thing offered #bug
@HotformHS It's possible this will be fixed in the next patch.

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@Fujitorahs @NaViXiXo 'fixing' the system within legend is sort of confusing to me. It's flat MMR, so we could potentially change the...
@Fujitorahs @NaViXiXo perception aspect by displaying actual MMR, but that doesn't actually change much outside perception.
@Fujitorahs @NaViXiXo so I'm curious what aspects of the system you don't like. Assuming we are talking about Legend.

@IksarHS Also I'm not blaming the people, I do it myself cause I feel kinda forced into it. Dunno how you could "easily" fix it tho.
@NaViXiXo I guess any game started before 12:00AM as opposed to finished before 12:00AM would be better?

@IksarHS well if they aren't in a game server would go down at 24:00 for them but other people might take their ranks afterwards right
@NaViXiXo seems fair to me I guess, at least more fair than roping your turns pre-midnight.

@NaViXiXo @IksarHS We also need longer que times at legend rank. No top 100 player should meet players at rank 1000+.
@Tommy_Liland @NaViXiXo I think the issue to fix is one of perception. Usually when matches like these happen it's because everyone is....

@Tommy_Liland @NaViXiXo bunched up within 4-6 games. And when everyone is bunched up losing means leaping backwards over lots of people.
@Tommy_Liland @NaViXiXo and when you leap backwards, the reaction is usually 'MMR must have been really low'. Which isn't super likely.

@LaughingHS @NaViXiXo players tend to clump within one game of each other because they stop playing when they reach a rank that pleases them
@LaughingHS @NaViXiXo set rating is interesting, but I mostly dislike it because you would get to x rating then just stop playing