We're back for another installment of Blue Tweets with continued focus on changing the rules, Combo Druid, bug fixes, and some answers to random questions.

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@bdbrode FYI, Brann/Kodo combo sometimes does not hit 2 targets. Kodo animation goes off, but 2nd legal target still survives
@Bored_Certified thanks for letting me know. Right now it can hit the same one 2x. :-/
@bdbrode Bug? Got hit by 9 fatal dmg while animated armor+block was on the board; block triggered (wrong order) imgur.com/a/Lwb2K

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Continuing off of last week's discussion, Ben Brode took some time to address some specific interactions with Djinni of Zephyrs and some inconsistencies around it.

@technomcdeezl @bdbrode Why would this happen, though? When you entomb the minion, it isn't friendly, which is how Djinni is worded.
@SithLordOfSnark @technomcdeezl djinni doesn't trigger "when". It triggers "after"

@bdbrode @technomcdeezl That still makes no sense, because it isn't a friendly minion, even after. Don't they start as spells, like in MtG?
@SithLordOfSnark @technomcdeezl and no, just because you can't see what the card type is in your deck doesn't mean the djinni can't

@bdbrode @SithLordOfSnark @technomcdeezl So why then does Iron Sensei not grant buff to a Mech in deck if no others are on field?
@KongBomb @SithLordOfSnark @technomcdeezl there is nothing about this I like, to be 100% clear

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One of the hottest topics in the Hearthstone community right now is the combination of Force of Nature and Savage Roar. We wrote an entire article discussing why some have an issue with it, exactly how we came to this situation, and what potential solutions are. Over the weekend even more talks continued and they bring about some more interesting perspectives.

@IksarHS @NaViXiXo my problem with Druid is that it's just all the same cards as it has always been.
@bmkibler @NaViXiXo agree with both, the base cards are so strong it's hard to create a new druid deck that competes.

@bmkibler @NaViXiXo WG, Keeper, Lore, Claw, Swipe, Innervate, Combo. I think I like Combo, Lore, and Keeper the least at this time.
@bmkibler @NaViXiXo Not sure about WG, still thinking about it. It's a cool Druid only thing. I do like the fact that Druid is easy to play.

@bmkibler @NaViXiXo Not sure about WG, still thinking about it. It's a cool Druid only thing. I do like the fact that Druid is easy to play.
@bmkibler @NaViXiXo Just need to think about giving them more variety and dealing with Combo somehow. Have faith young Xixo, I agree.

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@bdbrode sorry, unrelated, but why aren't goldens Cards I've amassed in the arena? I'd imagine this would be something happy for all
@SeefeldtJoshua yeah it'd be awesome. It's on our list to do.

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@ywoo_dev @bdbrode Are working in the development of the new heroe's alternative from Hearthstone? I never more saw nothing about of this.
@sanalem17 @bdbrode we don't have anything to announce, but we are going to be introducing more heroes in the future!

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@bdbrode Freeze mage get nothing from TGT and LOE. Could we have an epic spell 5-6 mana "Freeze all characters and draw card."
@Darth_Bait that was intentional. It's already getting play at the highest levels. Doesn't need more.
@bdbrode I noticed that when void terror is played while bran is on my board, VT kills the same two minions twice, is this intentional?
@josephavance yes, nothing does until everything has resolved
@bdbrode @ywoo_dev really interested in what was behind the decision to make so many key Murloc effects affect "ALL Murlocs". pretty much
@TaoHinton @ywoo_dev mostly to make it feel really different from other minion types
@bdbrode @PlayHearthstone I'm curious: is the random Hearthstone board client-side only? Or will your opponent see the same board? :)

@bdbrode What happens if you disconnect (or simply don't pick) while you have the 3 discover cards shown to you, and the rope ends?

@bdbrode @darlisza For what it's worth, if you don't pick, it automatically picks the left-most card.