Despite the holidays, the folks at Blizzard will still very busy with Twitter. Ben Brode talks about the creation of cards, a fix to Scarab, and some rules changes he wants to implement in the sake of clarity and predictability. In particular, he's addresses some interactions between Wild Pyromancer and Deathlord along with Djinni of Zephyrs and Entomb.

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@bdbrode Ben, dev question: in average, how many man-hours would you say it takes to make a card from design to production? Just curious.
@cris7ian wildly variable, depending on how unique it is and how much new tech it requires
@bdbrode is there one card you remember to be particularly difficult for the team?

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@bdbrode Why is the Scarab summoned by Obsidian Destroyer not a Beast? #Hearthstone
@Stevo_Hosmer we will fix that

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@ywoo_dev @bdbrode Why does Wild Pyro go off when you get it via SW Pain on a Deathlord? Pyro isn't on the board when the spell is cast.
@Aaron90495 @ywoo_dev it's there "after" though, which is how it's worded. Not intuitive though. Something I'd like to change.
@bdbrode So it turns out if you entomb an enemy minion, your Djinni of Zephyrs will also be entombed. Intentional?
@technomcdeezl yes, though the rule that causes it sucks and I'd like to change it.
@bdbrode when I entomb a enemy minion while djinni on the board, also djinni shuffles into my deck. Is this intended?
@oa_sama it's technically correct but I'd like to change the rules so it isn't.

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@bdbrode Are you planning to release anything that gives a little love to patron warrior? I love the deck but its missing something.
@TrentonBeatty it was played by 2 of the top 4 players in the 2015 world championships, so it's pretty risky. What list are you playing?
@bdbrode Hey I'm wondering if my old favorite card could be restored to its former glory? Would a 1/2 Novice Engineer really be a threat?
@Coldbrand yes, it's not pushing in a great direction, I think.

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@Bounty_Kun @TheHunBear No current plans for this.
@bdbrode have you considered adding indicators about what mode is being played? eg. arena key symbol next to name for arena, sun for casual
@ugibugihuu yes, it's something we'd love to do.

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@hs_keyo We'll announce this when we announce more details about the Winter Prelims.

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@ywoo_dev question. What's your favorite audio clip from a hearthstone card? Mine is doomsayer when he Attacks "did I miss it?"
@Yarvillian it has to be the museum curator's attack sound. Dibiti don't touch that!
@bdbrode why the skins are not also apply to hero power? look, that shield for Magni sounds a lot like "horde", why not put a dwarf shield?
@demike94 already hard to tell what class you're playing against - wanted to keep some measure of instant recognition.