We're glad to let you know there's a good chunk of blue tweets to share with you this week. Though there's always the usual (looking at you buying card backs) we also have a look at what happens behind the scenes in Hearthstone. Recently, Ben Brode took to Reddit to explain that Animated Armor used to be a neutral minion, but it had to be limited to the Mage class due to the ever troublesome Master of Disguise which Brode admits has been relatively limiting. In addition, cards like Forgotten Torch, Elise Starseeker, and Entomb don't just shuffle that one card into your deck, they actually shuffle your entire deck in doing so. For more details, check out the embedded tweets below!

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@PlayHearthstone @bdbrode implied recently that Forgotten Torch shuffles the deck. Why? How does the server store decks? Are they ordered?
@JonathanSharman yep, they are ordered

@bdbrode So when a card is "shuffled into the deck" it actually reshuffles the whole deck? It doesn't just insert it into a random position?

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Animated Armor used to be neutral, but it is NO FUN with Master of Disguise. If you only knew how many cards get killed because of that one card...

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@ywoo_dev Will there ever be an opportunity to get a missed card back? I'm only missing season 1 and my OCD is through the roof. :(
@herrmdogg hang in there. :) this is something we talk about addressing.
@bdbrode Will there ever be an opportunity to acquire a missed card back? I'm only missing season 1 and my OCD is through the roof... :(

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@IksarHS every arena game i lose is to paladin or mage. But they are balanced so its fine.
@b3av3r1 we're fairly aware those classes see a high amount of play in arena, hard to fix in short term without drastic changes

@b3av3r1 of course, changing things up and keeping hearthstone fresh is just as important to us as it is to players.
@b3av3r1 don't have any details to share now, but I wouldn't put money on paladin and mage being arena overlords forever :).

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@bdbrode can we get a definitive answer as to why quests require wins instead of just playing as a class?
@DontChaseGG it's a bit too long for Twitter but there are several reasons. Maybe I'll do a blog about it.

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@bdbrode design question: if the goal behind nerfing warsong was to remove the ability to give minions charge Y does the spell charge exist?
@ryanshedgehog giving many minions charge is more dangerous, but it's possible we will regret the spell someday too.

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@bdbrode why doesnt a 2nd charged hammer upgrade lightning jolt like shadowform does? pic.twitter.com/VgcCPgXvyD
@HabitualPretzel 2nd shadow form is useless. 2nd weapon is not.
@bdbrode ...which leads people to think Battlecries resolve before the played minion enters play, which is not true.
@Patashu0 I think we were looking at this the other day