Warlock Legendary and Warrior Common cards have been revealed.

Blood-Queen Lana'thel

A new card was just revealed by the PCGamesN site (Source) - Blood-Queen Lana'thel. The same card has been revealed in German by the Tempo/Storm player Gaara.

It looks like Blizzard is trying to push the Warlock's Discard theme, but a slow version of it, rather than the Discard Zoo pushed back in Karazhan. It's hard to say whether it will work, because this card alone isn't a big enough incentive to run a lot of Discard cards in a slower Warlock. It looks more like a solid supplementary card in an already estabilished archetype (which isn't the case yet). We'll have to see other Warlock reveals to really judge it.

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Bloodblade Razor

Another new card was revealed - this time by the Baidu Tieba, a Chinese equivalent of reddit (Source). Bloodblade RazorThe name is still unconfirmed, as it was just translated from Chinese!

The card looks like a less aggressive version of Death's Bite. Same mana cost, the AoE effect is doubles (because it occurrs on both Battlecry and Deathrattle), but it has only 2 Attack instead of 4. 

Prince Taldaram

Hearthpwn has revealed Prince Taldaram, a new Neutral legendary similar to Prince Keleseth. We're not yet sure if this Highlander-esque mechanic can make it in Hearthstone, but maybe the rest of the set can convince us with more support.

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