With our BlizzCon party coming soon, we wanted to take the opportunity to tell you about one of our sponsors, and give away even more virtual tickets into the bargain!

Back to TopHyperX sponsors our BlizzCon Party

You'll all have heard that our sister site Wowhead is throwing a huge party at BlizzCon this year, and we're a huge part of it! Hearthhead is thrilled to reveal that one of our sponsors will be HyperX, makers of the HyperX Cloud gaming headset, as well as other hardware like SSDs and more. They've even been generous enough to give us several HyperX Cloud gaming headsets to give away!

Back to TopVirtual Ticket Giveaway

And to celebrate HyperX's generosity we've got five Virtual Tickets to give away, courtesy of Blizzard! The virtual ticket gives you access to live streams of all the BlizzCon panels, and exclusive DirecTV broadcasts in between them, as well as the chance to watch all the tournaments taking place over the weekend.

You'll also get on-demand video of anything you missed. Not only that, but you'll receive all the virtual items: the adorable Grommloc murloc pet, a Hearthstone Card Back, Diablo transmogs, a Heroes of the Storm mount, and Starcraft portraits and decal! And you'll be able to buy the exclusive items in the BlizzCon store!
All you need to do to enter the contest to win one of five Virtual Tickets is tell us what gaming peripheral or hardware you couldn't live without in the comments below!
Winners will be picked on Thursday, October 30th.