The 2015 Hearthstone World Championships are coming to a conclusion and a new World Champion will be crowned today! The finals were set to start at 2:00 PM PST but with how close the two series have been today, we're a good bit behind schedule. While you wait, here's our recap of the action at BlizzCon thus far!

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Thijs continued his hot streak, properly picking his decks as he and Kranich traded match after match. The only player in this year’s Championship that also competed at BlizzCon last year, Kranich went down as his Midrange Hunter failed to find its footing. This was particularly surprising because Thijs was quick to express his intense desire to avoid playing his Patron Warrior into a Midrange Hunter.

Back to TopOstkaka vs. Pinpingho

Pinpingho, the Shaman himself from Taiwan couldn’t find a win with his Midrange Druid in the first two matches and as a result found himself behind from the start. Luckily his Hybrid Hunter was quick enough to beat Ostkaka’s Oil Rogue, but the same couldn’t be said for his staple Shaman deck.

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The only other Shaman player in the tournament, China’s DieMeng, found himself hamstrung by the Midrange decks of Kno. Though he did manage to win the Secret Paladin vs. Midrange Paladin matchup, he struggled to find wins with his Face Hunter deck that just couldn’t get going thanks to Kno’s board clears and control.

Back to TopZoro vs. Hotform

The days matches concluded with North America’s lone remaining hope, Hotform, taking on Zoro. The former took a quick win as Zoro’s Secret Paladin struggled to find the right draws. However, Zoro rebounded with two great matches that just barely remained in his favor throughout, leaving Hotform with little choice but to trade board control for face damage. Much like our other Chinese player, Zoro just couldn’t close out a win with his Face Hunter.

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Back to TopThijs vs. Ostkaka

With Thijs and Ostkaka opening Day 2 of BlizzCon, many were expecting a close match. It was surprising then that Ostkaka would open with two straight wins, pummeling down Thij’s Dragon Priest and Freeze Mage. But when the leader moved on to his final deck, Freeze Mage, he began to struggle to secure his final victory. Thijs managed to squeek back into the competition with two straight wins of his own, forcing the series into one final match to determine it all. The miracle comeback looked to be Thijs’ fate, as he leaped to an early lead. But Alexstrasza, the one and only card that could save Ostkaka, was topdecked with a 1/6 in chance and was enough to secure him a finals berth. Ostkaka described the series as a “match worthy of the grand final,” and it was no exaggeration, this is easily one of the highlights of the entire tournament.

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Hotform and Kno opened their own series with a showdown between Midrange Druid and Zoolock respectively. Though Hotform opened with an early lead, threatening lethal with his combo. Kno was willing to play the face race and managed to turn around the entire game in just two turns to eek out the victory. Kno continued his strong form, looking to knock Hotform within one game of elimination, but two Flamewakers landed all of their fireworks, killing his Dr. Boom and keeping him from getting through the Mirror Image. A clutch Consecration opened the door again for Kno but it still wasn’t enough. Though Kno proceeded to drop another match, costing him the lead, his Midrange Hunter finally picked up the slack as he was able to play Dr. Boom and Tirion Fordring on curve and even the series at 2-2. Everything came down to a Midrange Druid mirror match where the winner is often determined by whoever has the more aggressive hand. Though Kno had a fantastic start, his Piloted Shredder cost him a crucial Mana Crystal when Darnassus Aspirant popped out. With the RNG repeatedly falling in his favor, Hotform advanced to the Finals!

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Back to TopOstkaka vs. Hotform


This is it folks! After this series we'll be crowning a new World Champion!

Our first match consists of Hotform's Tempo Mage trying to rush down Ostkaka's Freeze Mage. Though it appears as if North America's hope would take the win, Alexstrasza came to save him once again, putting Hotform within lethal range. Ostkaka goes up 1-0.

Patron Warrior (Ostkaka) vs. Oil Rogue (Hotform) is our next game. Hotform is having issues dealing with the threats coming out of Ostkaka. He's had to waste a lot of resources on Dread Corsairs before being even further delayed by Loatheb. Hotform has managed to take back control of the game, but Ostkaka has two turn lethal in hand and takes Game Two!

Hotform has opted to use his Midrange Druid deck against the Oil Rogue. Once again it's not looking good for Hotform, so much aggression out of Ostkaka! Ostkaka sweeps Hotform 3-0 and becomes the 2015 World Champion!