Good news Hearthstone fans, looks like we might have a new hero inbound!

Blizzard has released a new Innkeeper's Tale titled "A Mysterious Person".
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It was a busy night like any other as groups of adventurers and heroes huddled around a heated game of Hearthstone in the Inn’s common room. There was an air of tension as the game in progress began to go into its final rounds, both opponents staring into their hand of cards with intense focus. Spectators wrung their hands and watched each play with baited breath, hoping their favored player would emerge victorious.

A collective gasp and hearty applause accompanied the epic final plays by both opponents, followed by excited chatter and the sound of mugs clinking together in celebration. The winner boasted merrily to the gathered crowd while his opponent ponderously mulled over his plays, unsure as to where he went wrong. The innkeeper grinned broadly to himself, as he wiped down the bar; this night, like every night before it, was just the start to another rousing story these patrons would later regale to their friends.

Eyes flickered over to the door of the inn as it swung open, heads absently nodding in greeting to the visitor. Some gazes held at the door, and ever so slowly, the excited chatter that filled the inn with a buzzing din hushed to a whispering murmur. The innkeeper looked up; curious as to what could possibly calm the raucous energy that had previous filled the air.

An imposing, broad shouldered figure lingered at the door. Patrons squinted, their eyes adjusting to the light as they tried to make out the newcomer. Hesitation brought with it a mild tension as for a brief moment, no one moved or spoke.

The innkeeper’s warm, hearty laugh echoed throughout the common room as he gestured the newcomer inside, breaking the sudden silence. The patrons laughed along with his infectious guffaw. Mugs were hefted high, and cries of challenge were shouted, clamoring to be heard.

Oh, the stories that would be told tonight!
If the typical hero portrait shape isn't enough proof, the alternative tag on the image is "HeroTeaser01_HS_FB_CK_500x500.jpg."

Note that it says Hero and not Class. Based on that image it looks like we'll be getting another hero that will be able to utilize all of the Warrior class cards. At this point an expansion to add a completely new class would be a tremendous undertaking, we'd almost need an entire expansion dedicated to only it.

Regardless, we are excited to see big things coming in the near future!

Who do you think it could be?

Back to TopHeroes of the Storm Cardback Now Available

The Heroes of the Storm Cardback mentioned yesterday is now available for use in Hearthstone. You can unlock this Cardback by reaching Player 12 in Heroes of the Storm.
  • There is currently an XP Bonus Event for a 25% XP Boost.
  • Playing with friends will grant an additional 50% XP Boost.
  • If you want to reach level 12 even faster, you can buy a Stimpack which will increase experience gains by 100%.
If you are Player Level 12, upon logging into Heroes of the Storm, you will be notified that you have earned the Hero of the Storm Cardback in Hearthstone.


And logging into Hearthstone will then grant you your Cardback to enjoy!