Notice a mysterious free Frozen Throne pack this morning? Here's why.

If you were awarded a Knights of the Frozen Throne pack upon logging in today, you won't find out why unless you check your email. Blizzard's new guaranteed Legendary within the first ten packs of a new set went into effect with this expansion, but apparently, some players managed to go a full 11 packs before receiving one. Those players have been given a free pack as compensation.


We recently adjusted the way legendary cards are rewarded from packs. We identified an unintended issue with that change where you received a legendary on your 11th Knights of the Frozen Throne pack instead of within your first 10 packs. Because we did not intend for that to happen, we are giving you a free Knights of the Frozen Throne pack as an apology.

Thanks for your continued support, and we'll see you at the Inn!

Hearthstone Team.